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Worst Delivery company EVER?

Yodel delivered some tee shirts (£130 worth from US) whilst I was working away. I say delivered, they just pumped a card through the door saying they left it in a "Safe Place" behind my green wheelie bin. Suffice to say it wasn't there when I got back some days later.

Worst part was their customer service - I called, gave my ref number (card had no date/time on it) and was told someone from missing parcels would get back to me within 24 hours - No one called

I Rang again following day - I was told it would be escalated to a manager and I would be called within "An Hour or so" - No one called

I rang again on following day - Was told a manager would call me back immediately - Eventually, someone did call stating I need to take it up with the company who sold the goods.

What a joke of a company!!

Have mailed DHL the url to this review site just so they are aware how shockingly bad Yodel are

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