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I will rely my sorry tale -

I managed to track down a limited edition leather jacket from a Karen Millen store in Leeds paid for it and was excited to learn that it would be delivered on Firday 9 November 2012 (I paid for next day delivery). My heart sank when I saw that Yodel had attempted to delivery my parcel on Friday. I tried to call the couriers mobile number that she had left on the back of the yard twice, no answer. I then went onto MyYodel website where I entered the card number and post code only to be told that my post code was invalid (after several attemps realised it wasn't my stupidity but the sites). I then phoned the courier, who told me she didn't know when I could arrange for the parcel to be redelivered at her car had broken down (whilst I was sympathetic to her plight, that aint my problem). When I asked what I should do she was less than helpful. So I decided to call the 0800 number. I was assured someone would call me 24 hours later however because it was the week end it may be on Monday 12 November. I waited and no phone call by 3pm so I called to be told that someone would call me before 6pm. At 8pm having received no such phone called, I called again, where I was told that the case had been put forward in their system and I would have to wait a further 24 hours. Having waited to 3pm on Tuesday 13 November and still no call, I called yet again. I was then told to call a number where I could speak to an adviser (this was an automated service) so I called again! Where I was told the case would be put forward to the manager and an emergency call would be made to find out where my parcel was and I would be called back! As a sub text to ths everytime I provided the number on the card and my postcode they either could not match the data or was calling me my a different name. To my surprise on Wednesday 14 November 2012 someone did call me back and left a message (I was unavailable), I called them back to be told that the parcel had been delivered on Saturday 10 November and had been signed for (no one that I knew), I utterly disputed the fact that I had the pacel, so they were going to raise an investigateion. On Thursday, I then contacted Karen Millen in Leeds who spoke to Yodel direct. In the meantime, I thought I would contact the courier who had delivered the parcel on (09.11.12) when she told me that the parcel had been taken from her on Tuesday 13 November 2012 (so it could not have been delivered on 10.11.12). I phoned Yodel again and told them this information (after several attempts as they could not understand why I had the courier's number). I asked could this investigation be made a priority (as you will appreciate I was beyond frustration at this point). Only to be told that they did not work like that!!!!!!! The Manager from the Leeds Karen Millen store contacted me to confirm that the parcel would now be delivered on Thursday 15 November between 7.30 am and 9pm (I would not be in). When I got home, I found that no card had been left. On Friday 16 November 2012 (one week later) I rang Yodel again to be told that the data I had provided was incorrect then I was told the same sorry tell about the parcel being delivered on 10.11.12. I went through the same sorry story about the courier saying that the parcel had not been taken from her until 13.11.12 but they did not want to hear it. I was basically told that the manager of Karen Millen had lied to me about the parcel being dleivered on 15.11.12 - as they could not find any information on their system relating to this!!!! Apparently the only way Karen Millen would have been able to provide this info was if I was having another parcel being delivered by Yodel (at this point I assured the Team Manager that if Yodel was the last courier service on the planet I would never use them again) I then contacted the Manager at Karen Millen, who then contacted Yodel, she then called me back and advised me that Yodel had confirmed that the parcel had been delivered yesterday to my neighbour (Woo Hoo), however no card was every left!! The Mangers in Plymouth and Leeds are goint to urge Karen Millen never to use this company again!!

I have never been treated with less respect as I have encountered with Yodel, their sheer aggorance at not calling me back, not listening, inability to follow this complaint through, the lip service of apologising to me every time I told them I was frustrated (but still not sorting it out) and the condescening manner at which the Team Leader spoke to me - absolutely unbelievable.

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