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A very disappointing service

My parcel was supposed to be delivered today and I was following it's progress on the tracker. It was originally scheduled to be delivered between 10.06 and 11.06 which would have been great. However, at 10.29 the status changed to "unable to locate, directions required". At no point, had I received any form of communication from DPD so I tried to call the depot the parcel was being sent from, reasoning that they could then contact their driver and give him the directions he wanted. Nobody from the depot answered the phone despite repeated attempts to get hold of them.

Next I tried to contact the customer services but after going through their automated phone system, not finding an option to speak to a real person and then being unceremoniously disconnected, I filled out one of their email support tickets. Again, no response from anyone at DPD. I then found the (supposed) primary email for the head office marketing department and contacted them. Still no response. Out of frustration, I called the seller I made the purchase from, I thought seeing as technically, he's their customer he may have better luck contacting them. The seller at least, was helpful and did what he could to find out what is happening but even so, still no response from DPD.

Then at 1215 the tracking status changed to "we will redeliver your parcel on 19th November" (Monday). Yet again, no communication from DPD regarding this. It seems they have arbitrarily changed it without confirming if it's even acceptable for me. Eventually, I managed to find a phone number for their customer services that put me through to a real person, after being kept on hold for 10 minutes I might add. To be fair, the girl I spoke to did seem sympathetic and says she has made a note for the driver of the directions and that if he STIILL can't find it, my contact number. After speaking with her, the status changed again at 1401and the message, we will redeliver your parcel on 19th November" has been added again so now it appears twice. She also said I would get a confirmation email, but as of the time of writing this, some hour and a half after speaking with her, still nothing.

The real insult of all this is that, granted, most sat navs will take you to a different point on my road but its less than 50 yards from my front door. All the other couriers I've used have always had the gumption to pick up on this so I struggle to understand why this particular driver has such a trouble with it

I will update on Monday but having read some of the reviews here, I can't say I'm feeling hopeful at the moment.
Completely different service today. Got a text message at 8.45 saying my parcel would be delivered between 9.13 and 10.13. Bang on 9.30, the guy turned up. Credit where credit's due, he was polite and apologetic for the mess up on Friday. Although he said he wasn't the driver for this area that day. I'm still a little miffed that I lost a whole day on Friday but as a company, DPD have redeemed themselves in my eyes today. I would be willing to give them a second chance but with reservations.

19 November 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Michael,

Sorry for the delay in delivery - I'm happy that the service was spot on the second time around. It seems that the problems stemmed from the driver having trouble locating your address - apologies for any inconvenience this cause. I'm glad you have your parcel now - enjoy!

If you have any queries on future deliveries, please drop me an email to socialmedia@dpd.co.uk

Kind regards,


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