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Nearly ruined Christmas

On 30th September we bought a TV from Tesco Direct.. On 18th December it broke down and I rang them. They said they would send an Engineer on 20th December. Bearing in mind that Tesco were given Make, Model, Serial Number and description of the fault, the "Engineer" turned up without any parts and, after a 30 second inspection, informed us that it would be 10 to 14 days before he could repair the set. I pointed out that it was only 4 days to Christmas and, being partially sighted, I was unable to see the small portable set we had. He could not have cared less.
I then 'phoned Tesco and the attitude of the person I spoke to was equally indifferent. All he would say was that Tesco were allowed 28 days for a repair. He then offered me an 0870 number to 'phone Toshiba, which I refused, so he connected the call himself.
The young man at Toshiba was an absolute star. He said they would send out a new TV on 24th December and they did just that. He asked that, when the set arrived, we contact Tesco and tell them thst a repair would not be needed.
I duly 'phoned Tesco and told them and was told the Engineer would be informed.
On 29th and 30th December there were two messages on my ansaphone from them engineer asking when the could come and carry out the repair.
I have sent three e-mails to Tesco.com Customer Services and they have not had the decency to reply.

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Greased Lightning

This stuff really works!!

Have been using the Greased Lightning fuel and engine treatments for years in both my vehicles. Cannot praise it too highly. I have recommended it to family and friends.



After seeing the Isme advert on TV I decided I would like the blouse worn by Linda Bellingham. Went on the website, which is poorly laid out, and spent ages trying to find it, without success. In the process a survey popped up, asking for feedback on the website, so I decided to fill it in. After putting in my age, I was told that I did not "fit the criteria" (probably because I am elderly. I decided to send an e-mail anyway, explaining what I wanted. Next news was an e-mail saying that because of Data Protection they could not reply to my e-mail unless they had my account details!! Replied that, if they had read my original e-mail, they would see I was not, or now, likely to be, a customer. Have now had a reply saying the blouse is out of stock. With service like that BEFORE you become a customer, I dread to think what it is like after.

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