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Useless customer service pathetic excuse after excuse

The do called easy option of paying your customs fees online is far from easy. The system has been down for over a week, have contacted them by phone and email. They just run you round on circles, contact your local depot, local my foot it's 50miles away, used to be round the corner, but seems thanks to the profiteering they closed it. Still no closer to getting delivery of my parcel. It took 5 days to get from LA to the UK now 3 weeks later it's 50 miles and not moving. Absolutely Disgusted! Will never knowingly use them again and I recommend everyone does the same and people power puts these useless idiots out of business.

T Mobile


seems that most people have had the same or similar experience with this rubbish , I always seem to be in the area 1% they reckon they don't cover , now like so many others stuck with a contract i cant get out of without paying through the nose to buy out despite the fact they do not fulfil their part of said contract by providing a service .They do not .I live in an area that according to their coverage map should have an excellent signal , i rarely get more than one bar up on my S3 and almost never get anything other than basic net connectivity if any ! Yet my O2 one sat right next to it always stumps up full service with high speed internet connectivity . Their so called customer service cannot be described as such ..Yet another fine example of Rip off Britain !

Wheelspin Models

excellent service , fast friendly and kept me updated on delivery etc .

I have used wheelspin models a couple of times now when others seem to be unable to get the items i wanted they have managed to get them and in a timely fashion too .I get fed up with the its on order line from some , but wheelspin dont show it as in stock if its not , they have several layers of stock so it shows straight away if it its likely to be a few days or a few weeks . Wouldnt hesitate in using them again ,and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to my mates down the field .Some other models shops would do well to follow their example :-)

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