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Pen Heaven

Does not meet expectation.

I purchased an engraved pen/pencil set for a Christening present. When I got the pens back the engraving was so faint you could hardly see it and the engraved initials on the items did not line up when next to each other in the display box.

Phoned Pen Heaven and was asked to send them back for them to inspect them.

Once they had seen them, I was told that they thought that the engraving was fine and that the product was "fit for purpose". I asked if they could be re-engraved or my money back and was told neither was possible.

I said how unhappy I was with the product and that it was not of a good enough quality for me to give as a present. I was told that they were sorry that I felt like that but the engraving was clear enough to see, that the website does state that the set I chosen would be a light gold finish and that they felt that the alignment of the engraving was done how it was done because the lids were different sizes.

As there was an impasse, it was agreed that the set would be sent back to me.

The following morning, Pen Heaven called and said that as a goodwill gesture, they would send me a leather case for the set to go into. I thanked them, said that I would take the case but said that a nice case would still hold an inferior product inside and that I was still unhappy giving the gift as was. I was then asked if I wanted them to send them back to me as was and I replied yes as they had already said that they were not going to change them. The pens were returned with no leather case!

I wanted a wow factor present and had chosen to go down to engraved route to achieve this. The pen set look like they have misaligned faint relief rather than the perfectly aligned engraved initials that I had hoped for. Telephone manner of staff cannot be faulted, but customers should take care when choosing the engraving style and finish if they decide to buy from Pen Heaven. I wont be buying from them again and cannot recommend them.

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