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Yodel delivered someone else's package to me (not even similar address - I'm still struggling to understand this). They left this other person's package in my shed which meant they let themselves into my back garden and then into my shed (NEVER enter another man's shed uninvited).

Now I have no way using the card they posted through the door, the supplied telephone number (which is a useless tracking of undelivered packages service with NO flexibility which doesn't recognise the tracking number!!!!) or website to contact them to tell them to come and pick it up. Their "contact" page has no contact details on it. I have to fill out a form with about 20 obligatory fields (some of which I can't fill out because I don't know the answer) to stand a chance of getting a response.

So, I seem to have two options - keep the package or deliver it myself. Unbelievable. Please people, NEVER use a company that makes it impossible to contact them - particularly YODEL - I actually don't want your packages.

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Dave Kilbey
Bristol, United Kingdom