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Slim & Save

does exactly what is says on the box. slim & save

Having tried many diet's over the years, this comes out on top for me, it is not just shakes, but meals in a packet, including breakfast (porridge ) and some very tasty bars. and you have a massive variety of packet meals, soups and shakes to choose from.the biggest choice I have found anywhere. this for me is the best convienience food going. stick to the plan you choose and the weight just falls off. if you get yourself into the mind set to loose weight, ( some willpower is always required with any diet) and stick to it you will not fail to see results in the first.week. Depending how much weight you have to loose depends on the results, I lost 7lb in the first week, and went on to loose 2 st still on it and still loosing
very good value for money.
the forum is brilliant, to get that anonymouse back up to help you . (never liked the idea of slimming world etc,) the web site is very easy and user friendly. with weekly weight tracker. and meal planner if you want to use it, that helps you keep tabs on your progress.best allround and the cheapest slimming plan I have found. and it works. If you really want to loose weight, then this is the plan for you.There is a discounted one off, one weeks supply. I am very happy to recommend this from personal experience.

Pet Supermarket

quality products at bargain prices,excellent service and delivery

My chow chow is on a prescription diet, as she had stuvite stones, the vet recommended hills prescription cd, to purchase from them. It is around £68 from the vets. so I surfed the net and found Pet supermarket, and was I glad. it is considerably less than that, around £49 and I don't need a prescription for it. (I had purchased it from another web site before I came across pet supermarket, and it was a few pounds more, and I received an email recently telling me I would have to provide a prescription if I wished to purchase it from them.) I also purchased worming tablets as they too are so much cheaper.their delivery is always quick and in the estimated time, usually faster, and when it snowed they let me know that due to the weather conditions it would be delayed, that was not their fault but they let me know.I have sent them emails with queries, and their reply's are always swift . so for me pet supermarket is the best for value ,service and delivery


A bad experience

My item was 2 days later than the last delivery date given. despite having a "fast response email" that is a joke, I sent 3 email about the non delivery, and never got one reply from them, not impressed, so I phoned the number given on the web site, complete waste of time, I got an automated voice saying due to heavy traffic, there was no one to take my call, please use our "fast response email". by now I was so angry I was sending an email to cancel the item, when the courier arrived. their customer service is joke it does not exist. I received two emails from them ! one was for this opinion survey, and to ad insult to injury the day before my item arrived the other was for a survey on the item I had not received. I hope to god the dam thing works when I get it set up. this is the worst internet purchase experience I have ever had in almost 10 years of purchasing regularly from the internet.

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17 November 2012

Reply from WAE+

Hello Sir,

We have not received any emails from you on our fast response system so that explains the lack of response. I don't know why it didn't work and will ask our tech team to investigate. I apologise for not being able to get through on the phones, due to our rapid expansion we are receiving more new sales calls than ever which is putting a strain on the system but we are improving that over this weekend.
Your order was shipped on time, one day before the deadline but I can see it took a few days to arrive by the courier which is disappointing.
I hope that answers some of your points, thank you for your business and sorry for any inconvenience.


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