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great products, useless delivery

I had a big delivery from very which i selected the "deliver between 7am-12pm" option in the delivery section. I paid more for this service because i didn't want to spend 14 hours trapped in my house. I called very's customer service line at 12.30 to which the automated woman on the phone said i would only be in a queue for 3 minutes, i thought this was acceptable so stayed on hold on my mobile. 15 minutes later my phone call was answered meaning i now have a ridiculous phone bill! I told the woman that my delivery was half an hour late, I'd paid for the extra service and I wasn't pleased. She promtly refunded the whole £4.95 delivery charge which was great but this wasn't really the point. Why do they have the option of early delivery if they're not going to live up to it? She then told me that she didn't know where the driver was, why he was late, maybe he was held up and had no way of contacting him. I was told the "leave in porch" option had been selected for me however, i had not chosen this option and was not comfortable with an over £100 delivery sat in my unsecured porch for lord knows how many hours, while i went to work. I said i didn;t want this and she said "well lets just hope the driver doesn't do that".....i then asked her if my delivey was left on my doorstep and stolen whilst i was at work who would be responsible for that as i wasn't planning to pay over £100 for something i hadn't received and again i got the reply "lets just hope the driver doesn't leave it there". This seems pretty ridiculous. I later received my package at just after 2.30 so he clearly wasn't running that late he just had no intention of delivering my items when i had asked for them. There was clearly big, bold writing on top of the package saying NOON. Surely he would have gotten a clue from this? He handed me the package and walked off without an apology. I then noticed one of my items were missing and checked the tracker on the very website to find what looked like the other item (an xbox game) was, what it looked like, on another van. This package didn't turn up until nearly 7pm that night. Why were two vans sent to the same house at different times of day? I am happy with the products that have EVENTUALLY been delivered but am not happy at all with the delivery experience and am unsure as to whether i will use very again after this as i don't trust the service that i'm being offered.

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