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Absolutely Awful

Joined them as a new customer with vouchers totalling £15. My order came to £19.69.

I received my invoice for £19.69, no sign of the vouchers, I logged into the account area and there's 2 invoices, one for minus £15 and one for £19.69. I called customer services on the 18th September who promised that the credit of £15 would be applied against the open invoice, of course on the 23rd September they took the full amount from my credit card.

On top of that, I ordered smoked bacon, but received normal. I ordered felix pouches, I got cans. The shopping was left out in the rain without even being put in a carrier bag, it was in an old milk crate, it'd rained so hard the teabag box perished, it's just lucky that they're in a foil wrapper. The milk went sour 3 days before the use by date.

Atrocious service, offshore call centre for a local dairy, no way to email them, you can only write to them or telephone them. I'm choosing to write to them because I just don't have the patience to deal with their call centre staff who, when you start to complain, suddenly have difficulty hearing you or the line becomes bad.

Seriously, stay away!


Old fashioned catalogue shopping. Strange accounts department.

Littlewoods is your old fashioned catalogue account, the prices in the catalogue are higher because the interest is already worked into the cost, if you were going to pay for something outright, you wouldn't use this catalogue.

You can start out with a fairly low credit limit, anything from £100 - £500. Having been with them for over 3 years now, my credit limit had gradually been increased to £4000, I've used them quite a few times, purchased a fridge, then a freezer, things had been paid off, never missed a payment, I paid off one of the items I had on buy now - pay later, this left me with most of my credit limit available, I received an email from them saying you've now got £3500 to spend in great big bold text!

3 days later they put my credit limit down by £2000. When I asked them why, I was told "Because we can". I've checked my credit file as I keep a close eye on it, there's nothing untoward, there's no reason why they should have done this, all it's done is irritated me and wonder why they'd choose to do this with no explanation, what's the point of having large price items in your catalogue if no one can order them?

Great company, Great prices.

I bought the kong kicker kitten for the kitten, but he's not fussed, HOWEVER! My 2 old ladies love it!


Fine if you don't need your cash quickly.

The turnaround is VERY slow, I only sent 1 console, some games and some CD's, around 50 items in total. The order was placed on the 12th and almost a full month later I'm still waiting for the payment.

The "My account" section of the website is confusing, it's gone from waiting for your items (over 12 days) to processing your items (another 12 days) then it's gone to please confirm your bank details, which I've done, then it changed to processing your payment (2 days) NOW it's gone back to processing your items and has been like that since.

Seriously poor, had I known the turnaround time would be around a month, I wouldn't have used them. I'm disappointed that all of the negative reviews for them on this site also seem to get marked as against their guidelines, it kind of removes the whole point of trustpilot.

08 February 2013

Reply from musicMagpie

Hi Carrington - we are sorry you feel this way about our service. Please don't forget this is peak trading time with us as everyone is getting rid of their unwanted xmas gifts. The weather was not in our favour at the time too which may have caused delays during delivery. Even so, we still completed our part of the trade within the estimated time scales. Many thanks! mM


Here's a big credit limit....BUT YOU CAN'T SPEND IT!

Very strange company at times, I've been with them for almost 2 years, I've never made a late payment, I started with about a £500 credit limit and it's gradually increased to just over £3000, however, when you decide you want to order something from them and utilise your credit limit they will randomly decide if you can place the order, sometimes it'll tell you the order has gone through and the amount is taken from your credit limit, other times it will outright refuse the order and tell you to ring an 0844 number which costs a fortune, especially as there is always a queue, finally sometimes it will just accept the order but this only usually happens if it's for clothes or a small amount.

The credit control department seem to be overly cautious and will always override any automated decision their systems take, it makes them look really un-organised and as though it depends who you speak to and what mood they're in as to whether your order will go through or not.

The delivery is by the home delivery network, you can order 4 things and they will all come on different days in separate parcels.

The systems around offer codes and vouchers are horrid, if you try and use an offer code that they've sent you in the mail or via email the system won't accept the code, when you ring them they never have any record of the vouchers or codes being sent out to you and unless you send them photocopies of the mailings they've actually sent you or you forward emails to them that they've sent you then you don't get the offers they promised you.

Overall the problems outweigh the benefits of shopping with them and when my account is clear I'll be closing it.

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