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Great Service

This is a family business thats put service first. I placed an order inquiry and recieved a phone call back very quickly in deed with all the information i required in a very honest manner. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Chess Telecom

Cowboy Telecoms!


12 months into our 24 month deal they have hiked the price by 40%!

these cowboys are just unbelievable. the price is still the same on the website but it seems they fund this by ripping off existing customers.

one year into our contract and Chess are still the biggest mistake we have ever made.

The initial sales team tell tall tales about high service but LIE about contract small print and horrendous exit claus.

They promised us a seamless switch over on a preset date. The day came and went with no switch over or any contact from Chess. After numerous chases they gave a further date but no explanation or apology for the delay.

The new date came and our broadband switched off from the old provider. Chess did not however switch on. Several telephone calls later at Rip Off rates we still didint get anywhere or get any of the call backs promised.

Our whole office lost 1 & 1/2 days work (we work 100% in the cloud) before we got connected.

We have made formal complaints but they havent even bothered to respond so we are now going to the Ombudsman (CISAS).

If you are thinking about joining them DONT!

If everything goes ok you might be ok but if you depend on a service DONT even think about Chess as Customer Service isnt on their agenda.

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Rubbish - could they be any worse???

a flashy website but that's as far as it goes.

high prices and complicated disount code rules.

very slow delivery and poor quality packaging.

Beware when things go wrong the customer service is dreadful and downright rude.

Look elsewhere!



I have used the site with varying success.

I have noticed however that they are starting to use 'SPECIAL' links that route you to a 'SPECIAL' landing page on merchants sites that offer INFLATED prices than if you go direct.

In a recent case with MORE THAN insurance the price via TCB was £100 greater than going direct! so getting the £50 cash back would cost me £100.

So not a good offer really!

Some cashback is genuine but TCB do not prevent merchants from dual pricing so i would be very very careful.

I am currently looking for a cashback site with ethics if anyone has a recommendation please?


It seems somewhat strange that TCB have responded on here and facebook (public profiles) but have refused to respond to my direct emails, tcb forum posts and tcb customer care tickets.

Call me a cynic but i think customer service is all a bit of window dressing......

you may be surprised to know that no where on the tcb website or its t&c's do they say that their cashback links do alter the cost of the item you purchase.

29 November 2012

Reply from Topcashback

Hi there "R J K",

Thanks for submitting a review, we really appreciate your feedback.

After clicking through from our site, the prices you see should be exactly the same as if you had gone direct to the merchant. Cashback should be seen as a bonus that is returned on a standard rate purchase price.

If you ever find this to be the case, please report it to our customer services team here http://www.topcashback.co.uk/help/54 and we will have this corrected as soon as possible.

Please could you get back to me with your TopCashback username, and I will then be able to locate your correspondence to us? It seems strange that you feel we haven't responded to you directly, as support tickets and customer contact will also be replied to.

Kind Regards,



Great value service

A great price and 1st class service!

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