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This Company has sunk to a new low

I thought Virgin service could not get any worse after a problem with them earlier in the year. Oh yes they can

My daughter's husband died suddenly on 6.9.11. earlier today she was ringing all the usual people to change account names etc. All the Utilities, Banks and Sky were fantastic and dealt with things sensitively and efficiently/ Then came Virgin.

Indian call centre with consequent difficulty in understanding English and lack of tact and sensitivity.Then she was told that she couldn't just change the account name, she had to open a new account. Now, of course, this means a new contract and, should she need to cancel within the next twelve months, there is a financial penalty!

How money grabbing can you get? Luckily she is still young enough to work but just suppose this was an elderly widow with limited funds.
The whole thing stinks.


Appalling Customer Service

Have just come off the 'phone with the rudest person I have ever had the misfortuine to deal with.
On 13th July I e-mailed a complaint about unsolicited texts and recorded messages on my mobile. The number is known only to my family an never filled in on any forms. I asked them to confirm that my info had not been passed to other companies as they had not got my permission to do so.
There auto response said it coul be 5 days befor I got a response.

After 6 days I e-mailed them again. They did not even respond to the second e-mail.

Yesterday I 'phoned them and was told I would get a response "shortly" as they had been busy!

Tonight I got a call from a young man whose manner and tone were quite objectionable. Firstly he asked for my husband as he said the complaint had been from him. Their automated response quite clearly showed it was from me. He told me Virgin do not pass on information, but I explained that two other Virgin employees had confirmed they did. I told him I did not believe him. He then became really rude and I hung up on him. He then had the cheek to ring me back and say "we were cut off" I told him I had put the 'phone down and would do so again if he continued to be rude. His response was that if I did not believe him I should cancel my Virgin services! Neeless to say I will be changing my 'phone, broadband and mobile supplier.


Fantastic Company

This company has a fantastic selection of games at great prices. Other sites charge twice or more as much as Big Fish. One of the best things about them is their superb Customer Service. On the occasions I have had to contact them they have gone out of their way to help. If I could I would give them 6 stars!!


Appalling Customer Service

Ordered 4 items on 8th May
3 Items delivered on 27th May. Missing item would be delivered following week so I paid for all 4.
Item not received by 8th June so tried to contact Distributor. Voicemail not available.
Rang Kleeneze. Girl said she would check and ring back.
Did not ring back.
Rang again on 10th June. Second person said she would check and ring back. She did ring back and said the item was back in stock and had been re-ordered by the Distributor.
When nothing had arrived by 16th June I e-mailed.
This e-mail was ignored.
23rd June e-mailed again. Response was that the item had been re-ordered and would be delivered as soon as possible.
Asked for definition of "as soon as possible" and said if it was not received by 28th June I wanted my money back.

Guess what - today is 28th June.

Rang again this morning to be told the Distributor had the item!!

Beware!! Kleeneze have no responsibility because they treat their Distributors as self employed.

In effect I have no Consumer Protection because of this. All I caan do is write Recorded Delivery to the Distributor to say he is in Breach of Contract and, if that fails, sue him.

As a disabled pensioner I cannot afford to lose any more money so I have lost out all round.



This Compnay has the best customer service of any Company I have ever dealt with. Nothing is too much trouble. We were in Scotland when our sattelite system failed. It was not from Roadpro but we thought we would try them . We got an immediate response and one of their Tech Services guys rang me on my mobile and tried for over 10 minutes to fix the fault. What more could you ask.

Worst company I have ever dealt with

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. The only reason i have given 1 star is that you do not have a minus category. I only wish I had read the review sites before I ordered from them. I ordered on 18th July and the item has still not arrived. They do not answer e-mails and the person on their premium rated 'phone line is bored and disinterested. If they debit my Bank account before the goods arrive I will instruct my Bank to get my money back. Most Banks will do this for their customers.

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