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An Insult to the Industry

Easily the worst airline I have ever flown. As a travel agent, I will never sell or personally use them again. They suck every iota of life out of the customer service industry and I am shocked so many customers are willing to be treated certain ways to save a few dollars/euros/pounds. A few basic things, really strict with overweight bags. I paid ours in advance and two bags were 1lb over and we were charged $20 euro extra for these. Not nice, but my own fault for shopping so I paid it gladly. On board, no entertainment, no recline buttons on seats, uncomfortable seats, no assigned seats at all so it is easy to get on board and not be able to sit near your family/friends/group. The big offender is after checking in our bags, clearing security, sitting in the waiting area for over and hour and lining up to board, as we began boarding the plane, a huge witch of a woman started pulling people with purses or duty free shopping aside. Apparantly, you can't take a personal item. One carry on, no additional item. So you can't carry a laptop, or buy items in duty free that won't fit in your carry on. Or if you are a lady, you can not carry a small purse. Lots of people were fighting with them. They charged me 40Euro to "check" the back pack I have taken to 65 countries on over 50 airlines carrying because my small purse would not fit into my backpack. Another woman had to check the shopping she just purchased because it would not fit in her small purse. RIDICULOUS! Wait until people are boarding and nail the for extra money. Eastjet offers a terrible experience. Do not fly them. Plenty of alternatives

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