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Premier Inn

Great staff and a good night.

I booked at this hotel as it was cheaper than a long taxi journey home, at the end of a night.

Staff were great and very friendly. Price was reasonable and the stay was pretty comfortable.

I'll be using Premier Inn from now on. Made life so much easier.


Wait...and prices drop. Efficient process :)

Wait...and prices drop. Don't be tempted by the first quotes unless they're really good.

The feedback system means providers will do their best and the end result is an efficient process.

I will definitely use again :)

Deep Blue Fightwear

Top job. Arrived in less than 24 hours.

I rang these guys before ordering some little BodyMax 1.25kg rubber Olympic weights. The guy on the phone was great and double checked the stock for me. Other places sell them in groups of 8 which is pointless as you'd just buy 4 x 2.5kgs for dumbbells. But these guys sold them as singles so I created an account and bought them.

Seems many fitness companies have issues with accurate online stock availability. And I saw, from the feedback here, that some had complained also. It's just one of those things. So best ring before you order just to avoid disappointment.

Plenty of decent emails notifications including one saying the items had been sent along with tracking info for DPD.

DPD are decent and the tracking give me an estimated time which is great for not having to hang around all day.

Arrived in perfect order in under 24 hours from purchase. Can't do better than that and from now on (after ringing first to confirm stock) I will be using these guys.

Top job *thumbs up*


Liars and deceivers! 1 Star is too much!

Both my orders were not available once paid. Both were confirmed as available before I paid, and both involved PayPal disputes to get refunded.

Threatened to never refund me unless I removed disputes. Both illegal and an attempt to you refund before closing a dispute...otherwise you can never re-open with PayPal. They must have thought I was a PP virgin. I'm also a retailer so know the law.

They have various disguises inc and


TLC Electrical

Massive inventory and clear order communication!

If you're looking for electrician's goods etc then these guys have a huge inventory.

Their prices are competitive too (some super cheap) and my order was quickly dispatched. Email notification of each stage is a must in this day and age and these guys were on the ball.

I haven't given them 5 stars because their site is out of date and needs a refresh. Visiting previous orders via my account may be possible but I couldn't find it. I make online stores so I don't think I've missed it. :)

4.5 out of 5 overall but 5 out of 5 really if I ignore the old site design ;)

I'll definitely return!

ps. Dear TLC...please open a store near Newcastle/Durham ;)

The Shower Doctor Ltd

Out of stock items labeled as in stock. And poor customer services!

When I arrived at (also I was impressed with their inventory and prices.

Well, my order has yet to arrive in the promised time frame and this is apparently due to the fact their stock comes from the manufacturer and not their shelves!!!

So you are entirely dependant on the quickness of the manufacturer and not this company. Meaning the promised time frame for delivery is a lie.

Customer services seemed none fussed about this.

'The UK's Largest Selection of Showers and Shower Spares' is obviously not true.

Stay clear.

Edit: I canceled the order and to their credit they refunded the costs.

17 January 2011

Reply from The Shower Doctor Ltd

I am sorry to hear you had a problem with your order. I can assure you that we hold a very large stock of shower spares and we are certainly not a drop-shipping business. Unfortunately from time to time we have supply issues on selected lines. These are outwith our control but we do our best to keep customers informed with as much information as possible. We pride ourselves on the positive feedback we recieve and i apologise that on this occasion we have not lived up to the high standards of customer service that we strive to achieve.Regards Kevin


Not what they used to be! Now very expensive.

We've bought many children's toys and clothes from them but we've finally had enough.

Their prices are crazy high and the trust that "they must be cheap/competitive" is now well and truly gone.

They also don't respect their stock as it's constantly in bad shape when you get it home.

£80 for a kitchen set that Argos had for £35!!!!!!!!! That's not acceptable.

I appreciate that's the ELC but they're in your stores so they're your responsibility.

Their stores are tatty too. There's a superstore in Team Valley and it's a dump. They can't even be bothered to paint the signs outside which are peeling away and have been for years now.

Mothercare top brass; if you read this get down there and see. It's embarrassing.

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Easy, efficient and cheap

These guys get the job done simply and straight forward.

The rare times I've had to go to customer service they've been top notch.

Their international prices aren't competitive however but hopefully they'll change that and I can use them solely :)

If you still use Royal Mail for UK packets...STOP!

£7 to send next day guaranteed up to 25KG!! :o


Enough is enough with their poor quality items!

Their wood is sawn as if a child milled it and their hardware screws are like butter! Their consumer units are also twice the price of everywhere else.

Low prices on everyday things but it's tat. Expensive on special things which can be bought elsewhere much cheaper.

I bought some expensive door hinges and the screws snapped when using them!!!!

I tried to return a pack of wood which was awfully out of shape (with the receipt) but because the pack was open the desk monkey told me tough. The attitude of him was despicable. I have statutory rights but was told to leave when I argued my point.

I've spent £1000s there but I go no more and never will.

Oh, and the search facility on their site is diabolical.


Club Cards are super helpful

Can't argue with Tesco's Club Card scheme. They always send the vouchers on time and they're always handy.

Double them this month too so our little girl has been provided with this month's nappies for free ;)

I haven't given them 5 stars because (and ALL supermarkets do this) they have badly designed pathing outside their store and when you leave with a huge trolley full it becomes a mission just to keep control...and I'm a strong man! lol It always seems like "thank you, but now we have your cash you're on your own!". Tesco aren't the only ones to have this by any means...they all do!

Td Fixings

New online but have been around a long time...and it shows!

When I come across a new site I always do some digging around to find out who I'm buying from.

TD Fixings' site is brand new but they've been going for over 5 years.

They had great stock of diamond blades which I needed and the prices where very good.

They were localish to me so I ordered online and they delivered to me free in their branded van! No need to wait for delivery! How awesome is that!

I get the feeling customer service is very important to them because it all felt very personal and friendly.

I'd recommend these guys as not many people can match that!



I found an unbeatable bargain that seemed too good to be true...

...but it wasn't!!!!

A brand new 16 way metal MK consumer unit for £14!!!!!! £40 everywhere else but this was the last they had in (according to their site) so I purchased it.

I was anxious until the order progress started to update online.

Very professional and I could watch it's progress right up to my front door.

These guys deserve 5 stars for saving me a fortune and being super slick :)

Scan Computers

Awesome, professional, huge stock and free next day delivery!

I've built 3 PCs using Scan and they're unbeatable on price. If not...give them a call and they will price match. But you'll never need to.

They also have a 'today' page where there are some crazy specials changing every day.

And unlike other stores their free delivery is next day and not a week the others seem to think is acceptable.

How to get free next day? Join AVForums or Hexus, contribute and get automatic free next day.

Makes them the only place I need to go for PC parts.

Mazuma Mobile

Done in under 2 working days!!!!

I used many review sites when deciding which place to recycle my mobile.

Mazuma seemed the best choice as honesty and free return of phone were the most popular comments.

I booked my phone in late Monday, got the envelope Tuesday (although I sent RMSD myself, got confirmation it had been checked Wednesday morning and money was in my bank by midday Wednesday!!!!

That's UNDER 2 working days from start to end.

Pretty impressive and although I'm unlikely to have an expensive phone again I'd strongly recommend using Mazuma and not the other guys.


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I'm a full on DIYer and PC enthusiast. I build PCs from scratch so I know I'm getting the best I can afford.

I believe strongly in a company having good customer service, efficient buying process and top quality products. Then, and only then, does price come into it.

I hate companies who just don't care.