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I had been looking to replace my 'unusual' dining chairs as they had literally fallen apart. The company that I originally bought from did not supply the chairs separately and I was frantically searching the internet when I came upon 'Rooms4kids'. I was attracted to their easy to use website, range of products and of course my chairs which I thought I would never be able to get. I placed my order for six chairs that day and spoke to a very nice person on the telephone for further clarification on my order (for my benefit only, due to the unsocialbe hours that I work), I was informed that they would be sent direct from the manufacturer 's who were based in Nottingham, and that they would be with me within a week and that I would get a phone call from them to let me know when they would be in the area and when to expect the delivery to within an hour of the phonecall. My delivery day was to be Tuesday of the following week, which was great as both my self and husband were home for the whole of that week. On the Monday I had a phone call from the delivery driver to say that they were in the area a day early and could they deliver - I was delighted to receive my order a day early as the weather conditions were deteriorating with the heavy snow fall that we had in January, the delivery was made, and my chairs are adorning my dining table and are the talk of all that come to visit me. Thank you very much for a fantastic service and I have no hesitation recommending you as I will certainly be using you again.



I have only recently become a customer of " VERY" having placed two sererate orders to date. I first ordered a set of ear-phones to which I have to say was very impressed - I set up my account, ordered the item, received the discount advertised and awaited the delivery to my home address. No problems and very pleased when they arrived on time and the final statement reflected the correct amount to which I paid off in full at my local bank (this was an ordered placed by mself for my daughter)

The second order I placed was for two pairs of boots and a special occassion outfit for my daughters forthcoming wedding - again I have to say that I was very impressed with everything from the placement of the order to the delivery - this time I opted for the delivery to be dropped off at my local "collection point" this suited me as I work very un-sociable hours and it meant I could collect the items at my convenience from the shop. I was notified by text on my mobile when these items were ready for collection and informed that I would need to show identification etc - no problems here and I went and collected with no issues.

I have opted to pay my bill in 3 installments - thus not having to pay interest and I have made a first payment to this effect. The payment I opted for was an on-line payment.

I have read the comments left by some customers regarding this form of payment and they are saying that they were charged interest even though they opted for the 3 monthly payments with no interest to pay - I will be watching my statements very closely to see if I am subject to this.

The delivery services I have used - to my home address - and to a collection point have been very successful and I would recommend either and what is convenient to you. I can only speak from my own experiences and so far so good. I also understand that not every body can be satisfied all of the time and problems do occur and will occur especially around very busy times of the year. ie. Xmas.
I can only imagine what a "deadline" delivery must mean for the poor delivery driver who is running late through no fault of their own!!!

Some of the comments that I have read could put potential customers off, after all we all want what we have asked for and yes if all goes horribly wrong, I wouldn't be very happy paying for a service that didn't deliver.

I will continue to place orders with VERY - looking to place my Xmas order online right now as I just cant face the shops, driving, queues and short tempered shoppers!!!! Happy Xmas to you all

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