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APPALLING customer service unhelpful,

Ordered item online for collection at store. My wife ordered 2 items also for collection at store. We assumed that as same surname & address was on all 3 orders it would be no problem. Esp. as I signed printout of my order also sent my credit card with my wife to collect all 3. They flatly refused to let my wife collect my order, even when she explained that due to a recent operation on my right shoulder I cant get out much. Supervisor also refused. She told my wife I should have designated someone else to collect it as there is provision on web site for this.Total nonsense. We have both looked hard and cant find this. I'll now have to struggle in to town to collect it person or let it rot in their store. Store person couldn't even get that right said it would be held for 28 days but delivery note says 14.
Delivery to store wasn't very fast either. Altogether a very unpleasant shopping experience that has put me off ever ordering from them again.


Revised review. Initial experience awful but happy ending--- read on

My initial experience was very frustrating. I needed to purchase a JVC upper price end camcorder to replaced a failed 5yr one. I needed it in time for a 3 week trip to Thailand in a few days so needed to ensure I could get it in time. They have a good price on their web site but wanted to check (in light of other reviewers experiences) that it was actually in stock..
I tried customer services number fortunately not the expensive one but a number shown on saynopto0870. Waited 50 minutes but no reply so gave up. I e-mailed them but had to set up user account first. No response to this either. Very poor start and very frustrating. They didn't really seem to make much effort to attract new customers! After my post here I did get a prompt response from Emma (see below) From then on things started looking up.
She was very helpful indeed. Time was ticking by to order before their noon deadline so I did phone customer services once more and to my surprise got through quickly and to a helpful chap who checked on stocks and found that indeed they had one.
Got to order it just before deadline BUT due to credit card security checks payment was refused. Eventually sorted out but by then was well past cut off date. e-mailed Emma and she checked and got things going in warehouse I paid extra for 24-48 hr shipping.
Well the happy ending is that Emma and their shipping depart obviously pulled all the stops out. I got an e-mail this morning to say it was on its way and UPS delivered it by 11:00am . So a big thank you to everyone who sorted out the problem so quickly. Just a shame that the initial experience was so frustrating trying to get hold of someone. An on-line chat system would have been a big help.
At least a happy ending. Thank you again Emma for being such a BIG help to sort out the situation. Would have bumped up from 1 star to 5 but the initial experience means 4 stars. Lets hope they get the up front customer query service sorted so I can bump it up to the full 5 stars

15 October 2013

Reply from

Thank you for your review.
I’m glad that you’re happy with our prices and apologise if you were unable to contact our customer services.
We aim to make sure that all customer requests are dealt with in an efficient and friendly manner.
Our customer care agents are available by email or by calling 0844 444 54 49 (Calls charged at national rate) from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5pm.
There are several delivery methods available to customers ranging from 24 hours to 2 days, 2-3 day delivery and a standard 10 day option (working days).
Please note that if you were unable to get through to our customer services, it may be due to many other customers calling at the same time.
I invite you to contact me on if you have any further questions and I would be more than happy to answer them for you.
Kind Regards
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Royal Mail

Many SE Asian countries have far better service than Royal Mail bring them in to run it

For many years we enjoyed incredibly good service from Thailand Post when we lived there, It has come as a shock to return to the UK and experience the appallingly unreliable, sloppy and sometimes rude (not to say expensive) service of Royal Mail. (Our local postie though is usually friendly and helpful so not all bad)
Just had a bad experience trying to pick up package for our daughter. Sender had underpaid by a mere 19p so Royal Mail then slapped on an extra £1 j and subjected us to a time wasting frustrating expereince to trying to collect it. from the delivery office So far 2 wasted trips to sorting office with thoroughly unhelpful, rude threatening employee there. he refused to accept any ID I brought and went beserk when I brought my daughters utility bill and opened it - even threated to call police just because I had rushed there with it and opened a 3 phone bill. I know they have to be careful not to hand out packages to wrong person but this guy just went over the top in unhelpfulness, rudeness and being totally obnoxious. Having only recently returned to the UK from many years overseas, I'm not familiar with the bureaucratic nature of Royal Mail . He COULD have been helpful but instead was extremely rude , belligerent & threatening - all because in my rush both times I brought the wrong ID so I STILL don't have the package
What a stark contrast to the WONDERFUL service we ALWAYS had in Thailand . Sure there were the occasional hiccups but we never EVER has the sort of rude and unhelpful service like this like this. If it were Thailand Post (or Singapore Post) they would have sorted it out with a helpful, friendly attitude and polite service. They take a PRIDE in giving a first class service. Royal Mail seem to go out of their way to provide a lousy service with grumpy unhelpful staff and make it their aim to provide the WORST, most expensive postal service possible
What a stark contrast:- Royal Mail :- rude unhelpful expensive unreliable 'service
Thailand Post:-' Helpful, polite efficient and reliable service

Come on Royal Mail give up call it a day and admit you don't know how to run a good service, hand it over to an organisation that does know how to give polite, helpful, service and whose employees take a PRIDE in doing it properly instead of treating customers like dirt
In Thailand even posting letters is a pleasant experience. We have clean air conditioned post offices with an efficient queuing system take a Q number and sit and wait to be called to the next available counter - and friendly helpful staff. AND a an airmail letter to the UK costs less than posting in the UK. (16 baht i.e. 28p to UK)
Compare that with the usual unpleasant grotty UK post offices with the cattle grid queuing system and often grumpy staff coupled with extortionate postage
After this unpleasant experience coupled with yet another extortionate rise in package rates I' will be avoiding RoyalMail whenever possible and switch to using parecl2go for all my packages in future AND requesting senders if possible to avoid using Royal Mail
The bottom line is ROYAL MAIL does NOT WANT YOUR BUSINESS . They seem determined to give the worst possible service with high prices, staff trained to be rude and unhelpful, give and unreliable but expensive service. They seem intent on running themselves out of business. That the impression they give..
As Pvt Fraser famously used to say in Dads Army We're doomed, we are all doomed. Seems to be the case with Royal Mail if the attitude of their staff is anything to go by.


Mixed service

Generally their drivers are quite friendly in the Woking/Guildford area. occasional grumpy one.
Livery of buses that Ghastly turquoise one which sometimes with a bad driver helps bring on the sea-sick feeling
Not outstandingly good bu reasonable service with the occasional driver really going out of his way to help (Like one time when a wheelchair passenger was on board and I noticed the driver was really careful & considerate when taking bends.etc. and wasn't grumpy like some bus drivers when the passenger took a wee while to board and get off.


Microsoft have gone way down -thanks to Windows 8

I used to have a middling respect for Microsoft but now I have a struggle to award them even 1 star. WHY they have ROBBED me of £25 for an upgrade that simply WONT install. I had a working version of 7 and thought that since Windows 8 is on offer until 31st Jan it would be worth upgrading. It is SUPPOSED to upgrade Windows 7 with installed software, personal files etc. After trying 2 or 3 times wasting goodness knows how much time what is the end result. A cryptic message saying it cant (wont) install so going back to Windows 7 . It would probably install over Windows 7 if you have absolutely no other programs installed so whats the point?

It is an absolute total utter waste of time and money It is badly thought out, badly written and joins the ranks of Windows ME & Vista to vie for the title of the worst Windows version. I have never liked Apple products but now maybe this experience has got me thinking maybe Apple isn't so bad after all. I thought I would NEVER ever go the Apple route but this experience now is pushing me in that direction.
Will I get my money back from Microsoft? i doubt it even though this product is simply not fit for purpose. Will I trust Microsoft again - they will have a hard job to convince me they are now worth sending a penny more on their products. i really think this is the beginning of the end for them. Its going to be downhill from here
The only way now seems to be (if I decide to try again) is to do a clean install and waste time having to re-install every program again.. Looks like I will have to write off the £25 wasted on this totally utterly useless Windows 8 and stay with Windows 7 but in the meantime start taking a serious look at what Apple has to offer.

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Excellent customer services

I ordered a pair of boots for my wife. As mentioned by other reviewers, the tracking system does leave a bit to be desired in the early stages and the order seemd to be taking a while. I tried phoning the customer helpline but was put on hold.
I then sent an e-mail to them to enquire abot the order. Within 5 mins someone phoned me back and checked into it and found it was on its way.
I was able to pick up the package from the designated store next day.
Unfortunately there was a problem as there was only 1 boot in the package!
Phoned customerr services and got through quickly and spoke to a very helpful person who checked to see if they had any more in stock. Unfortunately they had sold out. He advised me how to send back for a refund.
Later in the day I got a very helpful follow on e-mail apologising for the problem and giving more helpful information.
All told my experience of their customer service has been really good, very helpful and it gives me confidence to shop on line (and in store) in the future.
Top marks.even in spite of the problem with the missing boot


best of the lot

I have had delveries from onLine retailers and eBay sellers and of all teh delivery services used (teh now defunct Home delivery netweork) Yodel, CityLink, UPS, myHermes & ParcelForce by far the most reliable is ParcelForce. A while back their service was poor and it coudl rightly have been called ParcelFarce. However the past couple of years they seem to have really made an effort to get their act together and it is showing. For sending packages as well I always use them. I wouldn't touch myMermes with a barge pole to sending anything.
For instance recently I had to get my daughter to send a package with some urgently needed printer parts. ParcelForce had different options nad the 48 hour guranteed delivery was what was needed. More expensive than other options but worth every penny. Got there when promised, really informative tracking.
Incoming packages always delivered promptly and courteos professional staff who seem to take a pride in their job. Dont bother with the el-cheapo other options - in my experience its worth paying out the extra for a good, reliable servive (and with good customer service if you ever need it)


AND THE WINNER OF THE 2012 SQUARE WHEEL AWARD IS...........and now the 2013 winner as well!

In Third place is CityLink...

Vying for first place but in second place ... IN a big gap from City Link ...Yodel for some of the most apalling servive imaginable

AND IN FIRST a BIG margin is..........MYHERMES

lets give them all a good round of rasperies!
Why do they get to be winners? Simple just look at the reviews here and I'll add mine

ORDERED SHOES FROM ON LINE RETAILER. Unfortunately they forgot to warn me they use my Hermes.
We were away when package was delivered NO CARD. Finally got text message saying it had been out with tracking number. When |I checked on line it said it had been signed for by 'neighbour' No indication of which neighbour or flat.
Whoever the mysterious neighbour is hasn't give us the package even though we have been back for 4 days. Been on phone to hold to Myhermes for over 30 mins so far no one bothers to answer.
We had a package last year (see below) that the courier forged the signature and lost it for 4 weeks and lied about it -it finally turned up in shabby condition.
I suspect the lazy/income[tent/dishonest/ courier has lost it. forged the signature or stolen the package. Whatever has happened their system IS TOALLY USELESS. Incompetent and/or lazy and/or dishonest courier. Tracking system that gives incomplete information, customer service that refuses to answer the phone.

WARNING check carefully when ordering on line If they use Myhermes try a different on lien seller. E-mail the seller and advise you are refusing to use their service unless they use a different courier
A recent package from an eBay seller was sent to my daughter's office address. The recptionist keeps meticulous details of all incoming packages whether company or staff. After a while it was evident this package had NOT arrived . No entry in her log Enquries to myHermes get the usual heave-ho treatment 'We dont talk to the receiver' (even though it was MY package they lost and MY money that paid for it)
I had to get full tracking information from the seller and was astonished to find the courier had scanned it in and 'delieverd' it only 20 mins later --- highly suspicious. To make supicion worse it was signed 'receptionist' i.e. a totally fake signature as the receptionists ALWAYS sign with their own name. - Indeed any reputable, reliabler courier company would INSIST on a real name & signature.
After 2 e-mails to their so called customer services were ignored, I did get some response via an on line chat and got a reasonably helpful operator. He checked with the courier who claimed to have delivered it. (Kind of doubt if he/she woudl readily admit to stealing it!) End of story as far as on-line help blandly accepted courers account Eventually I got a helpful response to an e-mail but when I replied it was from someone else who trundled out the usual we do not deal with receivers only the sender. Further attempts at getting them to sort it out were futile, no response or replies save the usual we dont deal with you, I pointed out to them that surely it was in their interests that if there is a problem they need to get it sorted out and I was willing to work with them to help pinpoint what happend. Guess what response I got WE DO NOT DEAL WITH RECEIVERS ONLY THE SENDER
Eventually I had to raise a dispute with eBay and got a refund from the seller. I feel sorry for the seller - and especially for my daughter who had to waste so much time
to prove it had never arrived.
What conclusion can I come to to award them the square wheel prize for the worst courier company
1) Theiving dishonest courer who most likely stole the package
2) Lying courier who forged the 'signature
3) Apalling customer services who flatly refuse to deal with the end user i.e. the person whose property they have lost or stolen and paid for.
4) A company that seems to not only hire/use some coureres who are dishonest/thieves/rude (see the many other reviews) and instead of rooting them out continue to use them and make excuses for them.

When I e-mailed them I said that I would like to leave positive revciews, after all even the best of companies have the occasional problem and occasional bad apple in their ranks. I had hoped they woudl help sort out the problem and if so I would happily have given a positive review - but yet again no reponse.
What makes the difference between the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY is not that they are perfect and never have problems, but it is how they deal with those problems that makes the differences. Its a no-brainer which category myhermes fits into of the 3 categories above.
I have come to the conclusion that from now, when I look at items for sale on eBay (or on line retailers) I try to find out their delivery mrthod . If myHermes or Yodel no way will I order from them. I'd much rather pay extra for shipping and get a good reliable service like ParcelForce - never had any problems with them. Also when I start selling on eBay next year I wouldn't even dream of using myHermes. i would like to have happy satisfied buyes who dont have to suffer the frustration of dealing with such a crackpot company like this when things (as they invariably will do) go wrong.
If you are an eBay seller or buyer take my advice pay a bit extra and use a RELIABLE company that gives GOOD tracking for both seller & buyer(myhermes is useless) that insists on a proper signature (not faked by the courier) that will actually deliver the package and in good shape - and who take a pride in the job - which I sense most ParcelForce people. (I have no connection whatsoever with ParcelForce this is just based on my experience of many packages delivered by them)
I just cant see myhermes being around for many years. Just look at the courier companies that have come and gone. WHY in every case 'service' like this. No I dont think there will be cause to complain about myhermes in future - it wont be around to complain about!


Really good friendly service

I use Red Funnel for trips to the Isle of Wight to visit family. from where we live in Surrey its equi distance to Portsmouth or Southampton. However we invariably go via Red Funnel. Why? Web site booking is easy. fares generally are better than Wightlink especially early evening when we tend to travel. Staff at gate & on board always friendly helpful and make you feel welcome.
Good catering service - bit on pricey side but not outrageous
the only downside is that at busy time the passenger accommodation is not adequate and one ferry the only extra accommodation on the top deck is a draughty greenhouse type shelter. 2 of the ferries have a nice upstairs lounge which is a good overflow area when the main passenger area is full.
Apart from that niggle and the awful hard seats in one end of the passenger lounge - great. Highly recommended. If you book early and are prepared to travel off peak (evening or early morning) they have some good fares.
UPDATE Since writing this review Red Funnel are obviously taking the problems with passenger accommodation seriously. One vessel is having a major make-over of passenger accommodation for Spring 2014. . Preliminary pictures look great looking forward to travelling with them soon


Had to chase after driver who didn;t even bother to attenpt delivery

I was expecting a delivery from Dabs. Im on 2nd floor flat overlooking private acess road - easy parking right outside. No problem except for Yodel driver. Pulled up in front of flats watched him get out of van go to back of van open door, then close it got in van and drove off. Made no attempt to find entrance t our flat no attempt to leave card. I ran down got in car and chased after them. managed to catch up with them in a neraby street. Drivers knowledge of English limited but he did fidn my parcel. I asked why he hadn't botherd to even TRY to deliver - sad he couldn't find flat. Unbeliveable its so easy as numbers are displayed on entrance doors. Sent complaint to yodel response? nothing. Contacted Dabs and they followed up (Isent picrures, Google maps to show how easy it was to find the flat) They contacted Yodel but I dont think they got anywhere with them. Totally incompetent company (Yodel that is not Dabs - they are great)
I'll avoid any compnay that use them (or MyHermes but thats another story) that use Yodel for delivery. Of all all compnaies that deliver ParcelForce/Royal Mail are the best. very rare to have problems with them.

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