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Unhelpful and Misleading

Ordered a Zamori 1200x1000mm shower tray which was delivered as promised, altogether a very good service. 3 weeks later due to build problems I was told I needed a smaller shower tray, and approached Heat and Plumb about an exchange. The original shower tray is still in its original packaging, unopened. I was first told by Karen that I was unable to return the product as they had "ordered it in especially" and do not stock this item. This was pretty odd as they hadn't told me anything about a special order when I ordered it or received it. There was certainly no mention that this might affect the returns policy. They then said I couldn't return it as I'd had it more than 14 days, which was fair enough as it's stated clearly in their returns policy. They offered to sell me another one at cost price, although then went on to offer me just £15 off the retail price. Eventually I called them and spoke to someone who told me they "never order anything in especially, that's just not something we do", pretty much admitting that they'd lied to me in the email. Now I'm stuck with a massive unopened shower tray and have decided to order the replacement from a more honest, reliable company.


Shocking Service - 4 week wait and still no shower!

I'd love to leave a review of this nice looking shower, which I ordered at Homebase Cambridge more than 4 weeks ago. Unfortunately I can't, due to the total incompetence of the staff there. I ordered and paid for my shower in the store, and was assured that it would take a maximum of 4 weeks to arrive. My bathroom was due to be done 31 days later, so the timing should have been fine. 2 weeks later I started to enquire where my shower was, and was told "it has left the warehouse". Nobody could tell me where it was or how long it would take to arrive. After 3 weeks I was still being told the same - no idea where my shower was, or when it would arrive. 4+ weeks later still no sign of my shower, and I was told "well we don't check everything that goes on 'the lorry'...". Finally received a message stating they 're-ordered' it, so I'm pretty sure they never ordered it in the first place. Bottom line is nobody knows where my shower is, nobody's taking responsibility for it, nobody really wants to know about my order. As for my bathroom, the whole thing's been set back, costing me extra and meaning I have to totally rearrange the build.

Would strongly advise not to buy from Homebase if this is their idea of customer service!

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