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Horrendous experience

I have to say I had a horrendous experience using Viagogo and will never use them again. I purchase expensive tickets to watch tennis at the 02 (total value £500). I purchased them several months before the event. Viagogo said they would be despatched nearer the time but didn't specify when. I don't check my emails every single day but do check them fairly regularly. I had missed checking them one day, logged in the next day and found that there were two emails from Viagogo. The emails said that delivery (via UBS) had failed. The emails advised that I should contact UBS urgently and that if the third and final delivery failed my tickets would be destroyed. Yes destroyed - my £500 tickets. I rang UBS in a hurry and asked them to deliver them to my work instead, as I am not in during the day. For some unknown reason UBS were unable to deliver at my workplace. It was Friday by this time. I next checked my emails on Sunday and there was an email from Viagogo saying the third delivery had failed and unless I called by 5 pm on Sunday the tickets would be destroyed. The message read: UPS have tried to deliver your ticket(s) but have not been able to do so after 3 delivery attempts. Unless you contact UPS by 5 pm today, the envelope containing your tickets will be destroyed and you will not be reimbursed. All of us and needless to say yourself would certainly prefer that you go to see your favourite event!
I was besides myself with worry for the rest of the day with the thought that the tickets were destroyed and wondering how I would break the news to friends who had paid for flights to travel down to London. I called UBS the next day and they said no of course they wouldn't destroy a packet. If three delivery attempts fail, they will keep it in their warehouse. They arranged a delivery the next day that was successful.
I was staggered by the whole affair. Firstly why do Viagogo give no advance warning that the tickets will be delivered? Secondly why on earth would they think it's acceptable to destroy tickets after three failed deliveries? People could be away or just not check their emails. And thirdly why go telling people their tickets will be/have been destroyed when that isn't true? I am literally amazed and think Viagogo is a joke.

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