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If everything goes straightfoward, great, if got a problem

I am not going to talk about how things are when things come out well. There suposed to. By defect, buying at a online star should be a 5 star experience. You buy it, pay it, and before you know its at your door. With pixmania it's not like that. I have rarely have had good experiences with Pixmania, and when I have it has been buying though other vendors on its online store. Even once someone stole my bank info and stole almost 400 euros from my bank account and pixmania wasn't able even to tell the police a delivery direction. Ridiculous. Thanks god that time the bank covered the losses.
This case is about a hard drive. A Lacie Rikiki 1tb portable hard drive. After seeing that Pixmania is where it was cheaper, I tried to buy it. First of all it's frustrating to buy at this shop because of inexistant descriptions, they only want to tell you all the other things you should buy with the item. In this case it was even more difficult because the same item existed in 2.0 and 3.0 usb and was not well diferentiated in the item title. I accidently bought the 2.0 version. Of course, when you enter your my info page, you cant click on the item you bought and can only see the item name (which this case isnt helpfull) and therefore only found out I didnt buy what i thought I bought until a receipt reached me 3 days later. It was not possible to cancel the shippment, so had to recieve the item. Thats the moment when problem starts. Virtually inexistant, slow and generic help. The phone line is a expensive pay per minute with inexperienced workers. First they told me I could return it in person, then, that I could not. There option is to send it from Spain where I live to France, which would cost me a third part of the products value only in shipping.

In the end, I am real mad and writing a review because of my impotency to do anything else. Sadly, its one those company you end up buying from with your fingers crossed just because of good prices...

19 November 2012

Reply from

I am sorry that you feel that our descriptions are not sufficient on the site and that you wish to return your Lacie.
If you have purchased the wrong product you may either contact us by phone email on .
If the parcel is in preparation we will not longer be able to stop the order from being dispatch and will recommend that you refuse the delivery so that it will be returned directly to our warehouse.
For all returns under satisfied or reimbursement the returns fees will be the responsibility of the client.
I have copy pasted the terms and conditions for the UK site in English:
10. Right of Retraction - Satisfied or your money back
Pixmania allows you 15 days to return a product that you are not satisfied with. Your right of retraction starts from the moment your order is delivered. You can return the product within this time frame, at your own expense, with your invoice and a completed and signed returns coupon
In relation to your comment about the giving information to the police reading the details of a file, BY law we must always request that the police contact us directly regarding any fraudulent activity. Once they have issued us with a data release form we will be able to give them any details they require furthering their investigation. Without this data release form it is illegal for any company to release information regarding an order.
Should you wish for any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on .
Best regards,
Pixmania Mediator

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