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Another pre-order down the drain

I really need to use shops more often. The only reason I avoided the midnight launch and going to HMV today were queues and the fact I wanted to sleep. Pre-ordered GTA V last week, nothing at all today. Yodel you've let me down again and you were doing so well for me over the past few months!

Edit: My copy finally turned up 18:05 posted through the letterbox. Ever heard of knocking?

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18 September 2013

Reply from Yodel

Hi Liam.

Thanks for letting us know you received your parcel. Our delivery times are from 8am until 9pm.

If you require further assistance in the future, please feel free to email us at We're always here to help!


PC Specialist Ltd

Absolutely amazing fast and reliable service.

This was easy and fun, price updates as you go along which enabled me to backtrack anytime I went over my budget. I ordered the fast three day dispatch, it was built within 3 hours and dispatched the next day, in total it took 2 days to arrive.

I had to carry the lil guy home from work in a big box. In case you're wondering how far, I work in Merton and live in Acton, so bing/google maps that and you'll see how far I had to go ON PUBLIC TRANSPORT. It was packaged well as it was held both upright and lengthways and I was worried it might knock around a bit leading to dead pixels on arrival, especially when there has been so many complaints about dead pixels in people's reviews on these forums.

Upon packaging and wiring it up, it was in full working order and I was able to set my user account up, get google chrome <3 and begin downloading and installing about a million games over 120mbs fibre optic.

I managed to get Diablo 3, StarCraft 2, Black Ops, DoTA2 & League of Legend installed within a couple of hours and patched and right now I believe I left it to download RIFT, World of Warcraft & finish patching for DoTA2 Test.

One thing to be noted is 11.6" is not as small as you might think, it games fine! The keyboard and mouse worked fine as plug and play and perform well.

It arrived on time and during working hours at our office so I was really happy, I arrived before 9AM to make sure I didn't miss it though.

First thing that blew me away was playing Starcraft 2 at 105 FPS on Ultra when previously only getting 60~ on medium on my now stolen VAIO and 20 fps on low on the laptop which proceeded it (HP). DoTA2 I knew was going to work since the requirements are similar to that of Starcraft 2. I have yet to of tried any of my MMO games inc D3.

I am pleased with my purchase and it was worth every penny. Overall it's a 9 out of 10, the 1 is because normally you order a notebook and the box comes with hooks or a handle, something similar for ease of carrying, also for obvious reasons the delivery man didn't know what he was carrying but the fragile sign should have given him a hint that you can't just slam it down on the floor to take my signature, just needs to be careful but that's a DPD issue, not with PCS. The packaging however, is on PCS.

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