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Cost effective but very dubious Customer Care

Located Divorce-Online thru Google and their pricing package seemed competitive. Closer inspection suggested that the process seemed fairly well set out and intuitive. All began well, then entirely through my own circumstances, everything stopped. When I eventually picked things up again I discovered that the fee I had paid had somehow lapsed and that to continue, I would have to pay an additional fee.

Seems to me that a friendly diarised email at some critical juncture to prompt me would not have been too difficult to schedule?

Nevertheless, I restarted the process and was assigned a case manager. I found that I had reason to make a number of calls to clarify certain issues particular to my case but when I contacted them it seemed that he was unavailable so I spoke to the person who answered - invariably a lady.

My perception is that for the majority of these calls (there were not many) I was made to feel like I was a nuisance and decidely unwelcome. Coming from a long Customer Service background, I found this aspect of the Divorce-Online offering very poor.

Towards the end, I spoke directly with my case manager on a few calls and the information provided was succinct, and delivered politely.

I was left feeling underwhelmed with the overall service.

20 November 2012

Reply from Online Legal Services Ltd

I am sorry to see you feel our customer service was not acceptable. We operate as a team so that when a case manager is busy anyone can answer a question using our system which contains all the notes of the case. Unlike a Solicitors where a secretary will just take a message, we try and answer every query then and there.

As for the extra fee, you are purchasing a one time use of our software system. You have 6 months to issue the petition and this is made clear in the terms. This is because the court forms and rules have changed regularly. If we have to re draft your papers, we have to charge for that. Your divorce is only costing £189 and it would not be economic for us to redraft papers for free, every time people decided to not to proceed.

We have thousands of customers each year and it would be impossible to contact every one to inform them the 6 months is up. In order for this to work it requires the customer to maintain contact with us at all times and we do try to make this clear.

TDL Online

No Nonsense - Competitive Price - Helpful Staff - Prompt Delivery

I found the product (Potterton Heat Only Boiler) on a Google Search and TDL matched the most competitive price I found for this model.

Their website was clear and informative. Nevertheless, I rang them directly as the promised next day delivery was critical for me. The telephone call was brief, very polite and straight to the point giving me the reassurance I required.

Product arrived promptly next day and the boiler is now installed just before latest cold spell!

A perfect online shopping experience.

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