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Jules B

Paid for a Rundholtz jacket but there was no Rundholtz label in it! Made in China was in there however!

I received the order in an expedient manner which made me very happy. The quality was acceptable but I expected it to be packaged in a way that would not have had it crammed in a plastic bag.
Had a concern with the designer price I paid for a jacket that had no designer label in it and that it did have a label in it that stated it was "Made in China". I did however send my concern to your customer service dept. and they responded the very next day but I still have a very expensive jacket with no label from the designer (who lives in Germany) in it (which can impact its overall value). We have the Rundholtz label in clothing here in the states they just didn't carry the jacket I wanted. This is a bit disappointing but I still love the jacket. Overall Jules B acted as a decent vendor.

19 November 2012

Reply from JulesB Limited

Dear Customer,

Rundholz is a designer brand, the label does not have the word 'Rundholz' on but should have a thick black label which is distinctive with this brand. This can be seen on the photograph on the below link:

Can you please confirm if this is inside your jacket?

Most of the Rundholz brand is made in China but this does not deter from the quality of the fabric and also the way the garments are made. If the jacket is unworn you can return the jacket back to us for a full refund.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards
Jules B

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