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Cancellations - a nightmare

I really rate a company by the ease with which they make the management of your account: Talk-talk make this absolute hell and I think their "loyalty team" must be trained in the art of frustration. I wanted to cancel my account as I've emigrated but, having called three times (when the line "randomly" seemed to disconnect when I got through) and waited for an eternity, was told that they had to do an investigation to see if I was allowed to cancel my line and could call back in 2-days, after which I could only then give 5-days notice to cancel. I have now done this and what a sense of relief it is not be saddled with this horrid company, that treats its customers so very poorly, anymore.

If you ever get "Brian" to talk to at their call centre: run a mile! Sick, unhelpful attitude - I'm sure they'll make him management.

If you're reading this and considering them - pay more to anyone else! It's worth it.

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