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Poor installation, awful customer service - BEWARE DODGY "GUARANTEE"

Over the summer, my wife and I spent £6,000 on a fitted wardrobe, two bedside chests (quite large), a dressing table and a stool for the table to go in our bedroom.

It was put together quickly and, we're now finding out, poorly. As the various bits have settled, the drawers are hitting the top of the large chests and the self-closing mechanism has already failed. More importantly, one of the drawer fronts has started to fall off! This is a sizeable piece, but as it has started to come away, I can see that it's only fastened on with two screws (the chest is about 1m wide and 60-70cm tall with three drawers - so they are large fronts). I outfitted our two guest bedrooms with Ikea stuff (the Swedish- and Italian-made ranges); they offer the same 10yr warranty as Hammonds, but the construction of the drawers is more robust (metal strengthening rods, four cams to hold the drawer front (not two screws!) - all this gives me a weight capacity of 25kg in EACH DRAWER (Ikea products, not Hammonds)!

Here's the kicker; today a "senior engineer" turned up to assess the issues. He arrived late (the slot was between 10am - 1pm), made no apology and then disagreed with the issue because - INSTALLATION WORK IS NOT WARRANTED; it's classed as "wear and tear". Only the materials, as they leave the factory, are covered by a Hammonds guarantee. He was astoundingly rude.

I was surprised. If I'd known this, I would have definitely looked at another supplier to manufacture and install the fitted furniture we needed.

Based on Hammonds forcing you to use an installation agent who can do the worst of jobs, and know nothing can come of it, I strongly advise you to consider other providers (there are many bespoke joiners out there who will use solid wood, rather than this vinyl rubbish I've ended up with... and it will be cheaper too). The lounge, kitchen, study and dining room were all decked-out with Oak and Teak (dining room) - we paid less for all those rooms together, than for the master bedroom.

Customer service couldn't do less for you as a customer (we'll speak to the engineer, etc); great - how about giving me a new unit? Oh no, we have to go with what the assessment is.

Well now the drawer is falling off, and it's 4 months old - and we can't get it replaced without paying for it - because it's "wear and tear"! How?! It's a bedroom drawer - we don't have kids, it's never been worn nor torn!!

Avoid these rip-off merchants.

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20 November 2012

Reply from Hammonds Furniture

Hi David,

I am very sorry to hear about your recent disappointment with Hammonds.

We realise how frustrating this experience has been for you, but we understand that a member of the Hammonds team has been in contact and we have now agreed to rectify these issues at no additional cost. As an additional note we would like to confirm that our warranty does cover fitting work.

If you have any further queries then please contact us at OnlineHelp@hammonds-uk.com and you will get a response within one working day.

Thank you for your valued custom and for bringing these concerns to our attention.

The Hammonds online team

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