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Fabulous Shoes - Dreadful Delivery Service - Poor Customer Service

I ordered some fabulous shoes from VERY.COM online. I gave my work address, including the post code, company name and contact number. I paid for them and was promised they would be delivered on Thursday 1st Nov. Thursday came and went - No Shoes !!!
On Friday, I checked the online parcel tracker. It said that the courier had been unable to deliver at 15:43 and had left a card. NOT TRUE - we were open, the reception was staffed and no card was left. I called VERY. The customer service lady checked I had given a company name and that we had a reception and that the reception staff would know who I was. I pointed out that I can see reception from my desk and if my staff did not know who I was I would be very surprised. I offered to give her my mobile number so the driver cold call me if he was lost and was told it was not possible to do this. I was told the courier would try to deliver again within 12 days.
On Thursday 8th Nov at 7.30 am I checked the tracker again - it said unable to locate building, so I rang VERY again. The customer service lady asked what landmarks were near my building. I pointed out that we are a land mark building - we are slap bang in the middle of Eccles with a whacking great sign outside - however if were were to inconspicuous, we are next to Morrisons. She took my mobile number, said she would contact the courier and call me back. She never called me back.
At lunch time on Thursday, I checked the tracker again. It said unable to deliver 09:36 - NOT TRUE
I rang VERY again and spoke to yet another CSR he gave me the drivers mobile number. I rang the driver - he said he had sent the parcel back the previous evening as it did not have a company name on it.
I rang VERY - AGAIN I was told it was all very strange. However, I could have a pair of shoes with me by the next day if I had them delivered to a different address. I said OK . They said they needed to charge my card again. I said - NO WAY the fault is entirely yours why should I be out of pocket? They said is the only thing we can do!
I said cancel the order I will get the shoes from someone else!
I checked the online tracker the following week as I had not had an email cancelling the order. It hadn't been cancelled!! The tracker now showed parcel returned to VERY.
I rang VERY again and this time asked for the parcel to be delivered to my home address. It showed up the following day, but was not left in the garage as instructed, but out in the open by my back door !!!!!

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