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Perfect service, every time

Placed probably 7 orders with this company in the past two months, every time the order has arrived on time and the pricing has been good. Bought lots of refurbished models and all of them have been immaculate. The latest printer one came with the wrong tape and they sent a replacement out the same day, no questions asked, and didn't want the old tape back.

Can't recommend them enough.


Absolute joke of a company

Ordered a couple of Cisco parts in early October, was quoted a 10 day lead time which I could cope with. Order status immediately changed to awaiting stock, despite showing stock on the website still. 10 days came and went, order status still said awaiting stock, website still said they had stock. Tried to get an order update from the monkeys on the phones, didn't really get any useful information so I requested a cancellation and ordered from my usual source who got them to me the next day.

The cancelled order changed on the order tracking page to cancelled immediately, the member of staff on the phone initially asked me if store credit would be acceptable instead of a refund, obviously this is the real world so I said that it wasn't acceptable and was quoted a refund time of 2-3 days. Well a week came and went, still no refund so I called back again, was hung up on because the queue was too long, send three unanswered emails, called again a week later and was told that refunds take 2-3 weeks and that whoever I had spoken to previously was incorrect. Asked to speak to someone who could help instead of constantly delaying a refund and was told that nobody else in the company had a telephone. Informed the call centre staff that I would have no choice but to pursue a claim through my credit card provider which they didn't seem too bothered about (perhaps it happens a lot?), and I eventually got the funds credited back 6 weeks after my original order.

I would honestly be surprised if these people have any real stock or agreements with manufacturers in place at all, or if their entire purpose of existence is to profit from the interest generated in orders they have no intention of fulfilling before they have to give the money back. I'd love to see how many card chargebacks they have received.

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