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Roku provides our entertainment!

Roku is one of the best electronic gadgets we have for entertainment! They offer a variety of channels from which to choose and most of them give us at least one free week and some give a free month so we can see if they are a good fit. Some of the channels are Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu. All I needed was a TV and a wifi connection to get started streaming video. Set up is simple; Roku prompted us step by step in the set up.

In addition to the entertainment channels there are weather channels, news channels and shopping channels. It can be set up with passwords so that no purchases can be made without authorization or by accident. We added an inexpensive switch so that we can easily change over to DVDs or TV if we want to do that.

One of the best things about Roku, though, is that we get to watch TV shows and movies without commercials. Less distractions and more viewing time available! What's not to like?


V2cigs helped me give up smoking in two days!

So, I was talking to my friend Sofia my concerns about my cigarette smoking. You know, how my grandfather died young and the doctor said that his lifelong smoking habit played a big part in that early death? It didn't make me stop smoking, but it has made me worry a lot since.

We were eating lunch together and when I finished talking, Sofia pulled something out of her purse and handed it to me. She told me that she had given up smoking with the help of an electronic cigarette. She said it was a painless switch-over. I was a little skeptical. The thing she had given me to look at had little resemblance of a cigarette. But I thought about it.

I ended up doing research (it's what I do). I learned that e-smokers get a liquid form of flavored nicotine that is heated in the e-cigarette where it turns into a vapor that the smoker inhales. No smoke, no tobacco. Just the nicotine (and the flavors). I thought about that - it's got to be safer than inhaling the tobacco smoke. Safer for me to use around my kids, too.

By the time I finished checking out the different companies who manufacture e-cigarettes, I had settled on V2cigs. This company has an outstanding reputation, customer service, and they have some great deals for people new to the e-cigarette. My experience with them is all positive. Oh! And you know what? I quit smoking two days after I started using my V2cigs.


Your rental car should be there when you get there.

When I fly to San Antonio, I want a car that I like and feel comfortable driving. has such a wide variety of different brands and models that I have no trouble getting exactly what I want. The price is affordable, and their customer service is outstanding. I can book my car ahead of time on my computer. Or, if I have to make an amendment, a few clicks of the mouse on my pc will do it.

Identity Guard®

Identityguard delivers peace of mind!

Both my husband and I were contacted from a bogus company in India this past year that told us that they could make our computers run faster and safer. We ended up with some malware on our computers. We lost one of the computers due to the malware. Identityguard has protection for all of our electronic gadgets as well as credit fraud protection. They keep all of our information on file, and guarantee us reimbursement if something should happen. I'm glad we can stay one step ahead of the cyber villains.

Convenient, safe, healthy!

My dogs are getting up in age, and have had some health problems as they age. I discovered that their health problems were food related. The food I was giving them to nourish them was actually making them sick. Someone suggested that I make their food, but who has time for that? Another friend recommended Dogggiefood. I was doubtful, but the Doggiefood brand is made of foods that dogs should be eating. The best part is that they deliver their food right to our house. No more lugging big bags of dog food home from the supermarket. What a deal!

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Susan Price
Female, 1953
Ocala, United States


Teacher, homemaker, seamstress, wife, mother, grandmother and mommy to three fur babies and a cockatiel!