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I have never experienced such poor service, and that is saying something. I was a Milk&More customer back in 2009 when it was first launched and had nothing but problems which led to me cancelleing my account altogether. In August 2012 I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, having already signed back up to offline deliveries some months previously with no issues experienced. Oh, how I now regret becoming an online customer. Since the day of rejoining, my account has had an application error which no amount of phone calls and negative feedback on the website have resolved. On the first day, the Customer Services rep I spoke to told me it was not a problem their end and was related to Internet Explorer. I then logged on with Firefox and had the same problems. I found her to be very rude and offhand with me (and, in fact, not very knowledgable about the service). She had to set up my regular order of milk and bread, but I cannot view this regular order upon logging in and therefore I have no ability to adjust it if I have too much or too little of either. I also cannot add to, delete from or otherwise amend my basket. Now I am not even receiving milk as someone at Milk&More's end has seen fit to delete my regular milk order! All in all, despite the friendly and polite Customer Services staff (except the first one I spoke to!), a really appalling experience which nobody at Milk&More seems capable of resolving. Hence, as of today 20th November 2012, I am writing a formal letter of complaint to Milk&More and cancelling my account. You can't even contact them by email, you have to write or telephone (both of which cost!). However, having seen the email address underneath this review as I am typing it, I will be sending my letter there!

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