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Anyone who has written a positive review about 3 is probably high

three are great in the stores. everyone is really nice and friendly and they seem to enjoy what they do. This, combined with the extra £5 they saved me every month with my iPhone seemed to be a great deal. It was also all unlimited, so i was sold there and then. In the shop i was reassured that three used to have bad coverage and bad press but they've revamped their whole system and that's all a thing of the past. I was happy with the sweet talking and good deal so thought I was fine.
I live in London and the signal is terrible with three. i work out of London sometimes and the signal is terrible as well... by terrible i mean the coverage is very bad or low when its there. This is actually the same with all my friends on 3 and is not just an iPhone thing. Its really embarrassing when my work colleagues can make calls and i cant. On a positive note there is a small town outside Manchester to the south east where i was getting full signal and blazing internet.
I also went away and had my phone stolen. i tried to call 3 to block my phone but their service was under repair and not taking any calls, so i sent them an email. they blocked my phone after 2 days and the person who stole the phone had racked up and extra £20. Not a huge problem but quite annoying since i tried my best to do what i could after my own fault and was let down by my network.
Ive been in touch with them since I've come back and their customer services team must take abuse 24/7, which ultimately means they're all aggressive and defensive the whole time. Getting all the info i need to give to the insurers has become a ballache with 3.
I've been through worse ordeals in my life, as I'm sure many people have, and something like this is definitely one of those 'first world problems' that don't really matter in the grand scheme of things. But I'd rather clear myself of all these little things that create a s**t mountain of stress, so i don't have to spend my afternoons screaming at the never ending automated telephone service they have.
There is a very simple solution to this: don't go with three.
Even if you're lucky and spend the next 24 months with a working phone, and live in that small town outside of Manchester where your 3 network coverage is exceptional. I would spend the extra £5 as a guarantee that you never have to deal with such an annoying company. There are so many good options available to us these days and unfortunately, despite their seeming good deals, 3 is not one of them.

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