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Friendly Helpfull Staff

I have a current account with them & I cant fault the customer service staff at the bank at all. I'd give them 5 stars if it werent for the fact that they pay the top dogs at Lloyds oversized bonuses & pay pathetic interest on there accounts to customers with good credit!


Bad Aftersales Service

I was with British Gas for years for my electric & gas supply but found them to be a tad expensive, so I changed to EDF energy & had no debts outstanding with British gas. A few months after changing to EDF, British Gas sent me a bill for over a thousand quid!!! Shock horror, mixed with copious amounts of annoyance, I promptly got on the phone to their customer service department & low & behold I was transferred from pilar to post! No one seemed to want to deal with it but eventually I got someone there to sort it out.

I know someone who worked for British Gas & they found them to be great employers. Pity they dont look after there customers in the same way!


Rapid in every sense!

Ordered a pair of speakers off them a several years ago at about 5:30 in the evening & received them 8:30 the following morning! Fastest free delivery service I've ever had shopping anywhere in my life! By the way it was only free delivery if you order over X amount worth off stuff, as with many websites.

Well impressed Rapid. Superb service.


Disgraceful Experience

I had to take an insurance policy with them for my car but only wanted it for a while rather than a full 12 month term & asked how much it would be if i later decided to cancel my policy & was assured on the phone that it would be no more than a standard £50 cancellation fee but about a month later when I came to cancel my policy, they tried clobbering me with a £136.50 fee instead! I informed them that the agreed fee was £50 & that a verbal agreement was a legally binding contract between two parties & they said "I've never heard of that before" & "I don't think your correct". Anyway, its a long story but suffice to say I had the last laugh :)
Anyway, I wouldnt recommend Swinton to anyone!



It's a no fuss, reliable & prompt service & I found the products to be very good value for money! Keep up the good work Healthspark - Geoff from Bristol, England

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I'm just a guy who likes a decent level of service & aftercare service. I'm a strong believer in the old saying "The customer is always right"!

I've noticed that in general larger companies just want your cash & soon as they got it, they forget all about you, unlike small companies & family businesses that seem to bend over backwards to provide a quality service with a smile & a friendly attitude!