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Identity Guard®

Easy, one-stop site to manage your personal security!

I received 3 months of this service to try out and review. Signing up was really easy. They do need your credit card info for the test run, but remind you before the service runs out rather than just charge you for more months. I had a bit of a problem with the PIN - I lost it, and couldn't figure out what it was. I clicked the link for "lost pin", but it didn't like that - it made me call customer service.

That said, the service was great. She helped create a new PIN, and waited while I logged on to make sure it worked. Identity Guard's staff is very helpful in general - and no wait time for service. Another time I called to inquire about a strange name on my account, and the rep took the time to explain why it was there (it was normal) and why it could be problematic at some point. He told me what to look for in case our histories every got mixed up, and explained about why I might find some other inaccuracies about my past information. He was extremely helpful, polite, and clear.

The big problem for me is that I have a Mac and all the software required to protect your computer is for PC only. Big mistake in my opinion, so I can't comment on any of those services.

Other than that, every thing is viewable - your credit history, your past addresses (handy for getting that background check my kids' school requires to volunteer), and messages to keep you up to date with the service and your options. All the services you get in your package and extra fee options are clearly marked on your homepage, so there are no surprises in your bill. In the bottom right are tools, including a Get Started Guide, which I highly recommend. There's also tips and resources to help you with problem issues, like Junk Mail.

Pretty good, clean service, but they should make it compatible for Mac as well.

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