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Cash 4 Phones

do not send your phones!

they will take forever to reply, once they get the phones offer less than its on the website for no reason, take forever to reply when you ask for your phones back and eventually pay less than it was agreed.

if you do send your phones do what i did, take pics of them copy the serial number and if possible get reports frmo a repair company saying whats wrong wiht your phone, just in case.

i had a few phones at home, wasnt using them, found this website, thought it looked good, sent my phones. I sent a samsung galaxy ace in absolutely perfect conditions, with no scratches no damages whatsoever that i had bought wiht the sole purpose to wait for the iphone 5, it only had about 5 months, i still have the case and everything else for it.also sent my damaged iphone 4, which had water damage, but I had emailed them before and they said if it had water damage with no other damages, thye'd pay the amount for damage phones they show on the site, I was happy enough with that, specially cause I had sent my iphone to an apple authorised repair company and they had made me a report saying the logic board was the only thing not working.

i sent them the phone and it took them ages to reply, eventually i got worried and emailed them, and only then they said they had received my phones, had evaluated them but as they were badly damaged, they would have to make an offer with a price that was almost half what they advertised. i decline, asked for my phones back, it took them quite a few days to reply and i was starting to get worried they would be taking all the parts from my phone for other phones and putting damaged ones on mine. but after some time they did reply saying they realised i was angry (which i was, they were very perceptive, ill give them that) and that they would make me another offer, not the one with the prices advertised, but close enough, i accepted, merely for fear that they'd have already taken all the parts of my phones to fix their own, but i did.
I thought they were a bad company to work with, not very attentive, i had to send 2,3 emails till i got an answer, not fast, I had to chase them all the time, but Ti thought at least now its sorted. till i got a check from them, ages later, i was almost emailing again cause it took so long, and surprise surprise, THE CHECK WAS FOR THE OFFER I HAD they told me they'd give me more money, I let them keep my phones, thye paid me less than we agreed on.
emailed them, got absolutely no answer. im taking them to small claims, i have all the pics, all the emails, and the check which i refuse to deposit.

find a decent company to work with, do not send your phones to this one.

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