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Poor attitude

Toolstation used to be good to deal with - but not now. Like another reviewer, I also had an issue with an age restricted item. That's understandable, but it's the way they shift the problem on to the customer that got me. PayPal isn't adequate, it seems. One phone call looking for card details to verify age and they didn't even check if the card details were what they wanted. I gave them debit card details but it needs a credit card, it seems - it is their responsibility to check they are getting what the need. Another phone call later in the week with my credit card at the ready ended when I couldn't wait any longer for the silence of being put on hold to end. They just couldn't input the new details there and then.

My suggestion to prevent the sale of age restricted items by not accepting PayPal or debit cards at checkout was not met with any enthusiasm whatsoever, even though it seems sensible to avoid shunting the issue on to the customer. Even a warning before purchase would be helpful. But no, they won't even introduce that simple feature to ease the buying experience, I was told.

This wasn't the first unpleasant episode but another in a sequence. Previously, I had been told items were not in stock when they were. Complaints seem to fall on the deafest of ears. I got the clear impression that my custom just was not wanted. Why else would they prefer to make purchases so unnecessarily difficult and make the entire purchase experience so unpleasant?


Poor site

Site is amateurish and difficult. My main grouse is that I can't select more than one item to buy at a time - I have to add one to the basket, which appears, then find the next item (which was on the same page) and add it again. Most modern sites can show the basket constents WITHOUT leaving the page.

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