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Disappointed :o(

My sister turned 30 on Monday November 12. On this particular day, even though it was such a special day, she chose to attend a one day training course for victim support officers. Victim support officers are volunteers to the cause and do not get paid for supporting many different kinds of victims who have suffered a crisis. The training on this day was focused on how to deals with victims who have suffered at the hands of domestic violence so you can imagine it would've been a pretty intense day of training for her.

So, I did some due diligence and worked out where she would be on this day since I though a bunch of flowers would bring a smile to her face. :o)

In theory this was a great idea and I must say I was very impressed with how easy the site was to use and to be able to get same day delivery was fantastic. I placed my order early in the morning, for a pretty array of pink flowers ands happy birthday balloon. I was even happy to pay the extra delivery charge for the same day delivery (£8 approx). I was particularly careful to add strict instructions about the fact that my sister was on a one day training course in this building just on this particular day.

I was even more impressed with the SMS text service which notifies you when the flowers have reached the end destination - brilliant!

After receiving the notification around 14:42, I was excited to receive another text message from my sister to hear how pleased she was to get the flowers and balloon - a nice little surprise!

I knew she'd be in training until 16:30 so still had a while to go before leaving the building or maybe a coffee break before finishing for the day.

However, when I hadn't heard anything by 16:30, I became a little concerned so I called the reception of the victim support building where the training was being held and spoke to a receptionist. I asked if the flowers and balloon had been delivered to which the lady replied 'yes' and so I asked when it would be likely that they would pass this to my sister.

The receptionist was surprised to learn that my sister was attending training and not an employee at this office because she was unable to find my sisters name in the office directory! Well of course she is unlikely to find her name in the office directory because she isn't an employee, but a trainee. So I explained this and even said how this instruction was included on the delivery but then I learnt that the receptionist never received this instruction so how would she ever known???

So I said it was ok as my sister was probably still in the building and at least she could collect them on her way out. ... Wrong!

She had already left and the flowers and balloon were still in reception! The lady in Reception was kind enough to call my sister on her mobile to see if she could ask her to come back (as it had only been a few mins since she left) but it was too late since her phone diverted straight to answer machine, which meant she was already on the tube, on her way back home. My sister is not due to return to the office on old street for another week, by which point the flowers will be dead and the balloon would have deflated.

So, disappointed because the instructions were clearly not delivered with the flowers and balloon. Such a shame that I spent that money on a gift and service which never reached the intended recipient. This has made me doubt if I'd ever consider using the service again and its a pity because the buying process was so good but made me sad that my sister never got her gift or a surprise to make her smile on her birthday whilst dealing with a tough training day. I know this would have made her day so much better.

I hope you'll find this feedback useful.

Miss S Shallon

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