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Disappointed with the service I received

Yesterday I went to specsavers to get an eye examination so I could get contact lenses, but because I have never worn contacts before I had to do a teach for 40 minutes.
The teach required me to have to put the contacts in 3 times and take them out 3 times. When I did this yesterday I felt like I wasn't helped enough, the lady who "helped" me was just sat there opposit me not saying a word and when she did speak all she would say is "you've got the contact attached to your eye lid there" then eventually I got the hang of it, I tilt my head back and she then said "that's it you're doing it right" then my 40 minutes came to an end, so I had to come back the next day.
So this morning I attended my test and it took me 25 minutes to put the lense in only to find out the lenses weren't suited for my eyes, the contacts would stick to my finger or fall out of my eye then the optician realised they were not suited for my eyes, so she went away to get some that are suited. When she came back she opened the packet and one had a rip in it, not realising because I thought they were meant to be like that cause the contact packets were sealed in the first place I just put it in my eye, I finally managed to get it in, after that I was to put the next one in and my fiancé mentioned that there was a rip in that one that I was about put in, then my eye started stinging and I panicked and my eye started turning blood shot, I had to take the contact out and it came out of my eye in bits, I was upset and my fiancé was really annoyed that the woman let me put it in my eye and not realised that it had a rip in it, after that she rushed to get someone and the lady said I must of ripped the lenses with my nails, I was very offended and upset by this point. I was taken into a room to get my eye looked at to see if there was any remains of the contact still in my eye. After the disgusting service I received I did NOT get an apology. We're never going there again, I've never been treat like dirt so much in my life.

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