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MCM Electronics

Huge selection, good prices, good service

I've used MCM Electronics for my business needs for years. They have a large highly varied selection, lots of fun deals, good prices, and the delivery is fast. It's my go-to place for any electronic problem solving. Most recently, the big UHF antenna I bought for my personal cable system TV cord-cutting works very nicely. I'm in a rural area but get 30- channels from a long distance away. The price was good too.


Boost Speed surprisingly effective

I've been using Auslogics Disk Defrag for a long time. A client gave
me a 2004 Dell laptop and said to give it to charity. It was messed
up due to lack of maintenance, but in a half hour I had it running
basically OK. SMART data says only about 1600 hours power on, so it's
almost new. It even looks brand new.

Even after my TLC, the machine was still a dog. I ran ADD - 16%
fragmentation - and that helped some. At the bottom, ADD says 973MB
junk files. The "clean now" link takes you to ABS. There was a
discount, and I was curious and confident since ADD works so well. I
do contract IT, so I'm always hot to try new products.

I was amazed and very surprised at the result from using ABS on the
laptop. It went from being slow and nearly useless to rather snappy.
I added 1GB of memory to make 1.25GB on this XP laptop, and it works
very well. The machine is quite useable. Flash videos send the Intel
P4 CPU to 100%, but they play fine.

I'm very unimpressed with all the snake oil apps promising to speed up
your computer, and they've all proved nearly useless or worse.
However, right before my eyes ABS transformed the ancient Dell
Inspiron 1150 into a quite useable laptop. I'm also very surprised
that the quality 8YO Li-ion Dell battery still runs the machine for
2.5 hours. This machine had initial quality, and that returned with
the use of ABS.

So I'm very impressed with ABS and can recommend it to people. I
tried it on one of my quad Intel machines, and of course the
difference was not noticeable to the eye. However, Passmark
Performance Test told me after ABS that the machine tests as fast as
it did new. I didn't test it before ABS, but I'm sure it would've
been down at least slightly.

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