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Appalling customer service!

I ordered a bed and a medium/firm rated memory foam mattress from Monsterbeds a couple of years ago - no problems.

Two years later the foam was starting to lose its support so, as I suffer from chronic back pain, I ordered another mattress but this time I decided to go with a Firm rating rather than Medium/Firm. Unfortunately the mattress I received was actually Very Soft - much softer even than the 2 year old 'Medium/Firm' mattress that we were already using! I contacted Monsterbeds by phone and after explaining the issue I was told to email it all through to them. I did this but heard nothing back. After waiting for 3 weeks with absolutely no response I phoned 4 times in a week and each time I was told that the person I needed was currently 'away from their desk' and would call me back ASAP. The last two people I spoke to told me that they personally would investigate and get back to me - none of them did.

Eventually I wrote a formal complaint and sent it to the head of customer service. Still no response. After a handful more phonecalls and emails, long story short I eventually got somebody to agree to exchange the mattress, this time for the same model Medium/Firm mattress that I had originally ordered 2 years earlier, and they would refund me the difference in price (£70). I wasn't completely satisfied but I accepted anyway as I was getting very fed up with chasing them and just needed a mattress.

This replacement mattress was the same manufacturer, model number, description etc. as the one I had two years ago (a super king size Breasley Postureform Deluxe), however the product I received was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! It was extremely soft (again much softer than the 2 year old one we already have) and even looked much different. I got back in touch with Monsterbeds and they told me that their suppliers "have the right to change product details" and basically that it was hard luck on me. I suggested that this might be true for minor details such as appearance, removable covers, etc., but they shouldn't be describing a Very Soft mattress as a Medium/Firm one. Even if they do make significant changes then they should not use the exact same product description, model number and keep a misleading firmness rating, etc!

I've now been chasing Monsterbeds for five months (no exaggeration!) with this disagreement, even quoting the Sale of Goods act to them as the product I ordered has been misdescribed. I have been lied to time after time that they would call me back - they never once in all these months returned my call. I have not received my partial refund of £70 from the replacement mattress, which they promised 3 months ago. Even after assuring me that they would process it "as a matter of urgency" it never came through. The last I heard from Monsterbeds was around a month ago when they (finally!) collected the second mattress from me with promises of giving me a full refund. Right now I have not received either the partial refund or the full refund, I do not have any mattress, and I am extremely frustrated and appalled at how bad customer service can be.

They have now had my £300 for almost 6 months and I still do not have a Firm or even a Medium/Firm mattress that I originally ordered, or the refund that I have been promised!! I will have to get this resolved through my credit card company and/or a solicitor but I would strongly recommend NOT using this dodgy company. Their customer service is the worst I have every come across with any company in any industry in my whole life!

You have been warned!

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