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Worst customer service ever!!! This is the conversation I had with a MyHermes chat person after being disconnected 3 times after being in a queue over 20 minutes each time

MyHermes Advisor: Welcome to myHermes webchat.
Me: Hi
MyHermes Advisor: Hi my name is daniel and how can I help?
Me: Hi Daniel I'm awaiting delivery of my parcel but it's been with my Hermes for a week
Me: 598**********853
Me: Date Time Status
21/11/2012 10:59 Receipt at Depot
21/11/2012 03:58 Hub Trailer Via Sorter
15/11/2012 14:53 Sent to myhermes central hub
14/11/2012 11:27 Collected
14/11/2012 05:28 Pick-Up Request Manifested
13/11/2012 10:48 Pick-Up to be Reattempted
13/11/2012 05:33 Pick-Up Request Manifested

MyHermes Advisor: it will be delivered in the next few days
Me: why so long? it has been incredibly difficult waiting in for delivery.
Me: are you there??
MyHermes Advisor: At this time of year we handle millions of parcels per depot and the hub handles 10 times the volume so it looks like the parcel was stuck in the depot traffic
Me: parcel delivery is actually your job. it's not Xmas yet
MyHermes Advisor: We deliver for lots of companies as well and each are shipping millions as well
Me: but none of this is my fault, this item has been sat in your depot for almost a week and that is unacceptable as far as i'm concerned. I have been waiting in for 3 days so far this week for a parcel that was due to be delivered on monday
MyHermes Advisor: I am sorry Mr *******, we aim to deliver parcels within the agreed times but sometimes there are delays in the depots.
Me: So, what do you propose to do to rectify your error?
MyHermes Advisor: I am sorry Sir, if you have any concerns speak to the shipper of the parcel
Me: What good would that do?
Me: As someone who is trying to start a business you are not exactly selling your services to me by admitting you can't cope with volumes
Me: The shipper cant't get the parcel to me as its in your depot and he gave you that responsibility when he paid for it to be delivered
MyHermes Advisor: Not that we cannot cope with volumes.
Me: but you obviously can't
Me: or i would have it now and it wouldn't have sat in your depot for almost a week
MyHermes Advisor: Please speak to the shipper and express any concerns.
Me: Can i speak to your supervisor
Met: i'm really not happy with the somewhat apathetic response i'm getting from you
MyHermes Advisor: I am sorry Sir, there is a limit to how far we can help a recipient of a parcel. Our contract is with the seller/shipper. Please ask him top contact us.
Me: supervisor please
MyHermes Advisor: I am sorry please speak to the shipper
Me: i want to speak with your supervisor
MyHermes Advisor: I am sorry Sir, speak to the shipper if you are not happy with the way I have handled this chat. Ask him to complain
Me: i'm obviously wasting my time talking to you. One thing is certain, as a new business, i will not be sending any parcels through your shoddy over capacity operation as it's unreliable at best and unresponsive when things go astray.
MyHermes Advisor: I apologise for the inconvenience.
Me: while you are there, i have received a complaint from a buyer that a parcel i sent has been received delayed and damaged
Me: should they contact you???
MyHermes Advisor: No you give me the shipment number and I will deal with it for you
Me: 3****53
MyHermes Advisor: Thank you. what was in the parcel please?
Met: books
MyHermes Advisor: Parcel to N*** M*****?
Me: yes
MyHermes Advisor: Okay, I will send you a damaged claim form
MyHermes Advisor: Please can I have you email address?
Me: when can i expect to receive that?
MyHermes Advisor: Now
Me: *******@hotmail.co.uk
Me: not really a good advert for your company is it?? 1 parcel missing in action and the other damaged
Me: i'm not impressed
MyHermes Advisor: m************6@googlemail.com, I can only send the claim form to this address
Me: thats my wife
MyHermes Advisor: The other parcel is not missing
Me: if you already have the email, why ask again for it?
Me: its not where it should be
Me: you already had my wife's email but asked me for it!! When i give you my email you then say you can only send it to her!!! Am i missing something?
MyHermes Advisor: I was in another system thats why.
Me: Maybe that's why your parcels go missing!!! Cos you get sidetracked doing something else and forget they are there
MyHermes Advisor: I am, sorry Sir, I have sent the claim form and thank you for using myhermes webchat.
Me: Can't wait to do it again!!! LOL
MyHermes Advisor: This chat will not terminate
MyHermes Advisor has disconnected.

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