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Best Prices, Best Service, Best place to shop for your Pet!

I found this place on the web (via Google), once you register, log in and start looking for what you want.
I was looking for a decent flea treatment for my cat and my dog,the ones you can buy in the local shops or pet stores, just aren't good enough. The ones you get from the vets seem to be the best ('ADVANTAGE'), but there so expensive!
Then I found the vets treatment in droplet form (4 months treatment) and it worked out to less than half the price. So I just placed my select the items I wanted into my basket, clicked pay, entered my card details, and then a few days later through the post 'Hey Presto'!
I need some worming treatment soon ('DRONTAL'), guess where I'll be going?

Tyre Shopper

First Class Prices & Service

I started to fill out the form on the Tyre Shopper web site, it asks 1/ What tyre you want, 2/ What size you want, 3/ Where you want them fitted, (a choice of fitting centres nearest to you) 4/ Gives you a choice of the earliest time and date to have them fitted.
All very easy and simple to do, I entered my card details and clicked 'Pay'.
I then got a invoice appear on the screen to be printed, this you take along with you to the tyre fitting centre on the fitting day, as proof of your purchase.
Within a few minutes my phone rang, and a polite chap from Trye Shopper informed me that, the tyres I had ordered where now 'unavailable' or 'out of stock' and offered me an alterative choice, a higher spec tyre for the same price. I asked if I could call them back, so I could check out the reviews of the new tyre. This I did! I actally called the fitting centre that I had chosen, and the chap there was very helpful expaining about the differenties between the tyres and then told me the price. My original choice were £70 dearer buying them direct from the fitting centre, these were £120 dearer. I called Tyre Shopper back and ok'd the order straight away.
A very fast and efficent service, and the best prices I could find on the web (even on ebay). 10 out of 10

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