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Good ... but certainly room for improvement

On the whole, Wowcher has interesting deals but, once the delivery is added, often it is no longer a bargain compared to other vendors to get the same offer.

What is bad and misleading, though, is the way offers are worded for 'get-aways'. The price quoted is always for only one but, once you view the details, it always says, 'therefore you must buy two'. Apart from being annoying it suggests being sneaky and, thus, untrustworthy. It would be far better to publish the correct price i.e. for two. Besides which, it would be nice, for a change, to have offers for solos. Not all of us have or want travelling companions all the time. I would spend a lot more had I had this opportunity and, I am sure, must be one of many alike. Wowcher are ignoring tapping into a lucrative area of the market.

Animed Direct

Fast + Efficient + Faultless = Fantastic!

My first encounter with Animed was some years ago in relation to medication for my two elderly beardies. Apart from saving a fortune on heart and epilepsy drugs for them compared to buying them at my vets' pharmacy, I found Animed's customer service excellent.

This time around, it is medication for my 16 year old cat's heart medication. So far I have ordered both prescription and non-prescription medication. On both occasions I have had a fast, efficient, effective response to my orders, with free p&p as the 'cherry on top'. What else is there to say? Fantastic!


Shame about postal charges

Good service and speedy delivery because, luckily, I qualified for free delivery so it was worth it. However, unfortunately, my order was reduced considerably because of additional P&P that I would have been charged for 'bulk buy' on large sacks of horse feed, dog food, cat food and wild bird seed that I would have included. With this P&P added the competitive prices are negated and not worth it. It would make much more sense to offer free delivery on orders over a certain amount.

Pet Supermarket

Prompt Pet Provisions Perfection

Excellent, competent service at extremely competitive prices. I will definitely recommend to friends.

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