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Betta Living

Betta Livings slogan should be "premium prices budget service"

The customer service and after-care provided by Betta living once they have your money is an absolute disgrace. After having had 4 wardrobes fitted we were shocked to discover that the installation does not include Betta Living removing any leftover rubbish. As a result we were left with a huge pile of rubbish and wood off cuts large enough to build another 2 wardrobes, some of the off cuts being far too big to fit in a car. When I phoned the after installation telephone number requesting that Betta Living collect the rubbish, I was greeted with a total "I dont give a Damn" attitude from the customer representative who could only say that I had signed an agreement on the plans that "Betta Living is not responsible for disposing of the left over's" and don't I read information before signing it. What actually ends up happening is that after agreeing with the sales person and surveyor what you want installed they pass you the plans to sign. What you think you are signing are details of the units, door type, colour, interior etc, what they underhandedly do is include other contract terms without pointing them out. After a week's worth of calls and complaints all I ever got from Betta Living was "you signed the agreement on the plans" and " to save money we do not have a disposal licence. As a result I had to complete 3 car journey's to the recycling centre, needing to break some of the off cuts myself for them to fit in the car inevitably cutting myself in the process. To get an idea of what they left us to deal with take a look at the following link.

What's more, as part of the installation you are expected to carry out some of the preparation work yourself. I had to cut back 500mm of carpet at the location where the wardrobes would be installed. I was told that if I pay the installation guy an additional sum he would make good the carpet once the installation is complete. This is actually not the case and I had to hire a carpet layer to refit the carpet at the wardrobes and around the room where the carpet had been pulled up.

Here's an extract from a competing supplier's website Q&A link.

Q Does installing a sliding door wardrobe make a mess in my home?
A After vacuuming all the dust we possibly can and taking away every last bit of debris, the only job left for you is filing your gorgeous new sliding door wardrobe!

Sadly Betta Living does not have the same quality standards or customer care,
I will never consider using Betta Living in the future and strongly advise anyone thinking of using their service to look elsewhere. On the other hand if you want to pay premium prices to complete some of the work yourself, have to hire other contractors to finish off and be left with 3 car loads of off cuts and rubbish look no further.

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25 November 2012

Reply from Betta living

Mr Jones. I am sorry to read that you have had an unsatisfactory experience recently. You should have been informed of our waste policy in writing at 3 points throughout our customer journey. I will take a look to see how you were not informed of this at any of these 3 contact points. I am also concerned about your comments on how you were spoken to when you called about the waste removal, I will be looking in to this also. Once again I am sorry you have had this experience, but I thank you for bringing it to our attention. Barry Rourke on behalf of Betta Living

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