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I was fooled by someone at the door offering me fixed monthly Direct Debit of £90 per month, I questioned him multiple times as my previous supplier was charging me £150 per month, wish I stayed there now, and I was assured that based on my consumption from my previous it would be fixed £90 and on whatever day of the month I wanted so like a fool I signed up.
The first bill comes in and they try and take money from my account on a day that I did NOT agree to, basically 2days before payday, called them to say can't do that and was told they cannot change the date so i cancelled the DD and payed online 2 days after the date in question, carried on like this for 2months and then get a letter saying because i am in arrears of £250+ it has now been passed to some collection agency. WTF this is the first I knew I was in arrears as payments have been online every month, calling them is a waste of time, that is assuming you can be arsed to stay on hold to there stupid phone system telling you how important your call is for 40+mins and when I finally get through I am being told that the £90 is not enough, although it was fine when i started????
I then offer a payment of £120 per month to cover usage and to sort out this arrears only to be told that will not even cover usage and that to cover usage and clear arrears i have to pay a minimum of £177 per month. WTF????????
This is now almost double the amount originally agreed and almost £30 more than previous supplier.
Nobody seems to care and i cannot get out of this place until all resolved so we are stuck with this shower of shit for now but as soon as I can i am jumping ship

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