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Very disappointing

I ordered two prints from Metro about a month ago. I was preparing for an exhibition, and wanted to compare the quality of the prints, so I ordered from both Metro and Point101. The prints came in and the Point101 prints were faithful renditions of my paintings both colour and black and white, however Metro's colour was wrong and the black and white too dark. I purposefully ordered the same images from both companies so I could compare properly. I telephoned Metro to complain, and I asked for a refund or two new prints. I was refused and told that it was my upload that was at fault, even though there was not a problem with the same uploaded images from Point101. I told Metro this but was still refused any possible settlement, even though I was not happy. The staff were all polite and never rude, but I had to ring all the time to get any resolution (that they implied might come to me) but after a week, realised was not going to be forthcoming. I think the saddest thing is that I was fobbed off because I had not used their 'bespoke' service, only the digital upload service on the internet. In my view this just seemed a bit snobbish, like I was using the poor man's service. However I explained to them, that if I was to get a good amount of orders after my exhibition, I could still bring in a good revenue for them. I also explained that at Point101 take their digital upload service very seriously and provide a great product, something Metro doesn't and doesn't seem to want to improve either. It was like I was not allowed to waste their time on the phone, because I was just a faceless customer using the internet service. I believe that Metro are a bit out of touch, believing their internet service to be just bog standard, with no room for complaint or refund. I believe that businesses should be serious about every single product that they provide whether it be bespoke or standard. Both bring in revenue, and the standard sevice, if it is used by the majority, can end up bringing in as much, if not more money, than the bespoke one. I feel Metro are a bit behind the times if they look down upon their internet customers, because as we all know business on the internet is now surpassing business done on the shop floor. I never followed up my complaint with the manager because I became to busy with organising my exhibition, and so I'm glad this oppurtunity came up to make my complaint. Hopefully the manager at Metro (Clerkenwell) is reading this, because if he is, 'Can I have a refund?'

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26 November 2012

Reply from Metroprint

Dear Hugh,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our enquiry about how you found your experience with Metroprint. I am the MD of Metro and read all the comments we get and I am very sorry that you do not feel that your expectations were met. At Metro we have always bent over backwards to try to give our customers the best possible service, something we have always been known for. But I do need to point out the basic premise of the offering of Metroprint, as explained on our website;

“So we have designed a print service that can adapt to your needs. If you are happy to prepare your own files for printing, from colour-managing and calibrating your system to softproofing your files, the Metroprint automated service is for you. Using our tutorials and guides you can get everything ready for the perfect print. If your set up is optimised and you use our softproof profiles, you will find your print colours satisfyingly accurate. But if you think you would prefer to have a trained printer do this work for you, there is the option of upgrading to Metro Imaging where there are Technicians available to do all the hard work through our regular lab services. So whatever you need, we can help.”

Metroprint is a ‘self service’ offering, hence it’s relatively low price. With Metroprint you get a ‘colour managed’ service, which means that we have carefully calibrated our print devices to ensure the best colour fidelity. Normally this will give a perfectly good result for most files, but to ensure you get as close a match between your file and our output we recommend you download from our site the relevant ICC colour profile for the type of paper you chose for your output.
We also recommend that to ensure what you see on your screen is what you will get from us that you calibrate your screen as described in the relevant section of our website.

We do offer ‘custom’ services for those people who do not want to download profiles and soft proof their monitors and who want to ensure they get the optimum image quality from their file.
You can find information about these enhanced services in the section of the website titled ‘bespoke in lab services’

I believe that my manager did offer this enhanced service, deducting what you had already paid for your Metroprint prints, but you argued that we should be changing your file to get the print result that you wanted. Unfortunately, as explained above, that is not what the Metroprint service offers and that is why the service is cheaper than if a trained technician adjusts your files.

I hope this makes sense to you and that I have managed to clarify the exact nature of the offering of Metroprint. As regards to the fact that you obtained a different result from another supplier, my manager was under the impression that you had stated that you had sent similar images to the other supplier, but not the same files, so perhaps that could help to explain the discrepancy.

Lastly, you have requested a refund. Whilst we are only too happy to admit mistakes we are guilty of, I’m afraid in this instance we have given you ‘what it says on the tin’ so I’m afraid our charge must stand. However, I would be only too pleased to arrange for a technician to show you through the profile downloading and soft proof profiling to ensure that any files you would like to send us come back to you as prints that match the image on your monitor.

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