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rude coriers

Italian driver shouted at me for not answering the door first time. 'do you want your parcel or what? why you make me wait 2 times'

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DOES THE JOB, if you are sending worthless items

I do not think MyHermes is as bad as some say. I have used it several times and received quite a few things with them and all have arrived. They are by far the cheapest however are unreliable since they use self employed couriers (aka anyone with a car/van)

So make sure you realise this before using them and have NO expectations what so ever that they will be professional & timely

Here are some tips if you plan to use MyHermes:

* Only use to send large items of very little value I.E. blocks of wood, old speakers.
* Be warned that not once have i opened the door to accept a parcel (they will leave parcel inside the nearest bin or at your front door and leave a 'sorry i missed you' note) Even if you are in to receive it.
* Expensive items will probably go 'missing' and say they were signed for by the recipient on tracking info
* Do not expect timely collection/delivery - They will come and deliver and collect whenever the hell they like and sometimes not at all.
* Wrap your items as if they were going to be hit by a bomb - They WILL play football with & break your items if this is not done. Also you will not be able to claim damages since to do so you have to reject the item & not sign for it ( and they leave items outside and say it was signed for by you) so you will not win a claim.

So basically if you want to send bulky items of very little value and will not care when they are delivered/if they are delivered at all then this courier is for you!

and definitely do not use it for selling on ebay unless items are very large/heavy and of little value as you will get a bad reputation as a seller for having items constantly missing/damaged during delivery.

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