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Late delivery...a mere 17 hours late. Useless.

Ordered as usual the day before I wanted my shopping. Chose 8pm-10pm as my delivery slot, fits around work, child care etc. Delivery never came. Rang them that night, no joys! Fast forward to the morning, phoned them, no joy again. Promised a call back. No phone call. Rang them at 9am, promised it will be here before 12 noon, surprise surprise, it never arrived. Called the line AGAIN, told it is on its way, argued for money back, given a measly tenner and a free delivery voucher. No sign of the shopping at 1pm. Called their 0800 number AGAIN. Told it will be here soon. Demanded to speak to a manager. Dude called Miles starts arguing with me. I demand a refund, he basically tells me where to go. Won't tell me when the delivery will come. Reluctantly gives me the number of the store the shopping was due from. Call the store at 1:35pm and finally get put through to those responsible for the mess only to be greeted by a stroppy, argumentative and aggressive woman named Sue. Shouts over, tells me it'll be there when it's there. No apology for the lateness or inconvenience. Hangs up on me! 3pm and my delivery finally arrives with a rather sheepish driver! Tells me he's been sent miles away from Manchester by Sue before he could deliver my order. Goods had been in the van so long the frozen stuff was starting to defrost! Driver doesn't get me to sign anything. I call the Stockport store back again to lodge an official complaint against Sue. Told my the assistant manager that they'll speak to her, basically meaning he won't do anything. Given a barrage of sorrys and crummy explanations for the 17 hour wait. Demand more in way of compensation. Promised another £10 evoucher. The evoucher is yet to materialise in my account. Once their spent, I'm going over to Tesco. Asda can say goodbye to my £70 a week shop.

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