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Please avoid full of rogue sellers. No assistance from to obtain refund

I bought a book from 6 weeks ago, which I never received. The seller has not responded to a single one of my emails. I have tried to get the refund from using their online form gets no response. I tried calling them on their ridiculously expensive 0845 number, holding on the line for 15 minutes before getting through to an agent, only to be told that I will need to wait a further 3 working days and on the fourth working day I will get a refund. This is already after waiting 15 days and raising numerous claims using their online service which says after 3 working days, they will offer you a refund. Fifth working day I sent them an email, no response as usual. 7th working day I called them, only to be told they have to raise a claim with the Head Office for a refund, which should be processed in ANOTHER THREE WORKING DAYS. That passed. Called them again the following week. Said they do not know what the hold up is, will check and email me later. Nothing. Have been sending emails every few days since then trying to get my refund, but's customer services have not responded to a single one of my emails, possible 8 have been sent now, to help me get this refund from one of their sellers. I have no spend more on the phone calls than the worth of the book as I only have a mobile and they are in Jersey. The few quid you save from ordering from this site is not worth changing it over. And besides, if we don't collectively boycott organisations like these that treat customers in that way, then they will never change. Stand up for what's right and spend your money elsewhere with a company that offers excellent customer service like amazon or ebay.

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