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Definately One of the Best UK Game Server Providers (GSPs)

In my opinion and experience, Gaming Deluxe are one of the best UK-based game server providers.

Here's why I think this:

(1) I've rented a gameserver on and off from them for some time, and have been impressed with the performance. My ping is typically very low (this will vary dependant on your location of course), and I get zero loss and zero choke. (As recorded by the in-game net_graph.) I use a program called HLSW to monitor the server, and again, its ping read-out is very satisfactory and consistent.

(2) I get easy FTP access to my gameserver via my favoured FTP program, FileZilla. (A competing company, MultiPlay, do not offer this.)

(3) Customer service is among the *very* best (if not *the* best) of all UK GSPs. Technical knowledge of the staff appears to be very good and communications are quick and professional. They appear to be a steady and well-run small business. I've had problems solved light years quicker than they have been solved with other companies.

Overall, I've tried a number of GSPs in the past, and my experience with Gaming Deluxe feels like an upgrade. I'd be pleased if this company continues to succeed.

For the record, I'm a real person and a real reviewer -- beware of fabricated "satisfied" reviews for alternative GSPs. I've read some of those and they simply don't correlate with my own experiences.


Unreliable, Badly Managed

Sadly, I have found this company to be unreliable and difficult to deal with.

I transacted with the early incarnation of this company back in 2005 and found them reliable (orders picked/packed correctly, delivered reliably). However, today's incarnation of MyProtein is an entirely different beast. From a customer perspective, this is no longer the same company in terms of how they operate, from top to bottom.

Having made a reasonably simple order, which I was billed for promptly, I recieved an entirely random and incorrect item. The process of returning the item and obtaining a refund has been long and arcane, with a series of deliberate road-blocks and hoops to be navigated through, all interspersed with long waiting times for response e-mails. In my opinion, this is wholly deliberate. In other words, if I were a cynical man, I'd say that it appears to be managerial policy to make the redress of problems -- especially those involving the refund of monies -- as long, needlessly complex, and time consuming as possible. E-mails are full of unnecessary blurb -- and if you didn't have a legal eye, you would be caught-up in confusion and doubt over your actual rights as a buyer. Those who are desperate then call MyProtein's 0845 "Customer Support" telephone number. I heartily recommend against that.

The problem was only ultimately addressed after a series of communications that spanned over over 1 month since the initial date of order, 4 weeks since the cancellation and refund request, and over 2 weeks since a refund was purportedly issued.

Lesson learned -- I will not be transacting with this company again. Lastly, I do wish I checked TrustPilot before transacting with this company -- I could have saved myself a lot of hassle and wasted time.

Chemist Direct - UK's Online Pharmacy. Fast, discreet & secure.

Mostly very good.

My experience using Chemist Direct is mostly very good. Generally speaking, products are priced reasonably, are in stock, and are delivered with reasonable speed.

I did have mild dissapointment recently when a recieved product was not the same as the product in the picture. (The pictured item was the up-to-date version of the product. The recieved item was the old version of the product.) However, this has been the exception to the vast majority of my dealings with this company, which have all been very satisfactory.

Easypc Uk

Trustworthy Company to Deal With -- Happy to Recommend

I have recently used this small company to buy a custom-build PC with very satisfactory results. I am happy to recommend this company to others.

I have split-up the review into the following sections:

1. Ordering Process
2. Delivery and Unpacking
3. Quality of System Construction/Build
4. Ease of System Set-Up
5. Conclusions

1. Ordering Process (including Advice/Feedback)

(a) Pre-Made Builds:

EasyPC-UK’s two main sites are:

* http://stores.ebay.co.uk/EasyPC-Ltd (their EBay site, which as far as I am aware, does good business)
* http://www.easypc-uk.com (their standard homesite)

Both are easy to browse and buy items from.

(b) Custom Builds:

For a custom-build, a sale happens like this:

(1) You e-mail the build you want -- be exact.
(2) You get a quote back (telling you how much it will cost, and/or detailing any alternate parts may have to be used [if any]).
(3) You send another e-mail making an agreement to do the deal.
(4) You make payment -- typically via telephone or PayPal transaction.
(5) You receive delivery about 10 days later.

I could tell Martin was experienced in system building. I selected him and his company over quite a number of other businesses (probably over 10 competitors). The reasons I went with him were:

(i), the knowledge, helpfulness and speed of his replies.
(ii), his willingness to offer a genuine custom-build PC with the parts I specified.
(iii), his offer of a price-point that was reasonable, set against the hardware selected.

2. Delivery and Unpacking

After payment, delivery was prompt. The delivery arrived, well-packaged and undamaged, as two boxes under a single delivery (i.e., as “box 1 of 2” and “box 2 of 2”).

3. Quality of System Build

The build was exactly as as agreed and was executed well. Attention to detail had been paid to cable management, and my request to house particular components at particular locations was upheld.

The price-point was very reasonable for the hardware selected.

4.. Ease of System Set-Up

System set-up went without a hitch. I did the following:

* unpacked, connected and powered-up.
* installed my Operating System.
* installed network drivers from CD (for internet).
* installed all other drivers from online (for most up to date drivers).
* installed software.

5.. Conclusions

The key benefits of dealing with Martin and his company were:

* easy e-mail communications.
* a price-point that offered value relative to the hardware selected.
* reliable delivery.

I am happy to recommend this company.

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