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why does it have to be this way

I hate, that I didn't do the research before I bought from these guys. I bought from them because they took over reid furniture in the same store and we had had such great experience with them!
Much the same as everyone else, here I am 9 weeks into my order that we were told would take 4 weeks to come in (we were apparently lucky because if you buy in brown its an expedited delivery) - still waiting.
3 phone calls
1. week 4.5 - sorry you must be mistaken, you were told 5 weeks
2. week 6 - sorry its not in the warehouse, I'll call them but they can take up to 2 days to respond, we'll phone you back (never phoned back).
3. Week 9 - sorry not in the warehouse yet, will get to the warehouse in 3 weeks from now.
so then I try Facebook stating: poor customer service (as above) when is my sofa coming. my post was deleted and I was told to send them a private message.
I'm just hoping the company is not going down the tubes because I paid for the sofas at point of sale!

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