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JD Sports

WARNING! Don't ever shop here!!!!!

I bought a pair of Nike Free Run 5 from the Leeds White Rose Store, and ordered them through the kiosk as they weren't stocked in the store. After one wear the mesh in the trainers developed a hole, which I didn't think was acceptable for a Nike product. I returned them to the store, and was met with lazy, untrained and uneducated staff who tried to fob me off, and also stood idly by whilst another customer abused me (for no reason other than he thought it was funny to intimidate me in front of his friends) right in the middle of the shop! after suffering abuse and humiliation by what i can only describe as a neanderthol Chav whilst the staff stood and watched, I agreed to have an inspection on the trainers, if only to get out of the shop. JD customer services, also fobbed me off and told me that the damage was accidental, and nothing to do with them. I also complained about their staff and the abuse in the shop, to be told 'we will take action we think may be necessary...' In other words, do nothing then. I sent the trainers for an independent inspection to Nike, who replaced them immediately with a brand new pair. JD is without doubt the worst shop I have ever been into, the staff are rude and unhelpful, the so called customer service aren't any better, its a wonder this company survives with such low level amoebas working for it, as the complete ineptitiude seems to run right up the chain of employment. Appalling.

Note for JD who will be informed of my review, please feel free to contact me at any time!

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