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I have had the experience of trading with Motorhog at doncaster and always feel unappreciated as a customer. I always buy a car every week, if not every second week and as i do understand you have the rules of payments being received by wednesday, you sometimes forget to do so as you are constantly trying to juggle a business with customers coming in and out, stock and general running etc.

When you do forget to pay i receive a phonecall from the church lane depot from the same lady who always calls and far as i can remember she has always been abrupt and rude.

More recently (4 weeks ago) i purchased a Previa and received a call on Thursday and i answered the call she said (and these are the exact words)

Motorhog = hello, its motorhog, what are you doing with this car
Me= (at this stage i dont know if its a question or statement) which car ?
Motorhog = the car you bought last week...
Me = was it the Previa? i will buy a car this week and pay and collect this one on fri or sat
motorhog = it needed to be paid for yesterday
me = if you need payment i gave in a car last week can you check if the payment has been made on that and if so just deduct what i owe you
motorhog = i can check but your account will be suspended from today, what reg was it?
me = *56* *** (reg number)
motorhog = right, a good customer has paid yesterday, i will ask i we can take money from this account to pay for your car
me = if he is a good customer does that mean i am a bad customer?
motorhog = i didnt say that..
me = well you are saying he is good as he has paid and i must be bad as i havent, i have been your customer for a good year..
Motorhog = (interrupts me) i didnt say your a bad customer, its just what you are thinking about yourself

This conversation went on for another 5 minutes whether i was good or bad and which the last words were she will check with payments if she can transfer the payment over..

After the phonecall or even a hours later i could not understand the initial opening line " hello its motorhog, what are you doing with this car" Its not a question you can even ask someone out of the blue, I mean it could only be asked if =
1) i was talking to her prior to the phonecall and we had discussed the car then should could ask the question or
2) if i was next to the car holding a spanner and she walked upto me and then asked "what are you doing with this car" only then could i give her a proper answer.

overall the customer service is very very poor, especially the lady from church lane doncaster.

Come to think of it i did have another issue with the same branch in which i felt cheated and when i spoke to the guy in charge he had no leeway in favour of a customer and said "so what are you going to do about it?" like a school boy bully..

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